Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sims 4 GET TO WORK ALREADY! Oh sorry it's TS4: Get to Work Expansion Pack Trailer!

TS4 OFFICIAL Get To Work EP Trailer:

"The Sims 4 Get to Work is coming out this April for both PC & Mac."

Also "Discover Aliens: Aliens have landed and walk amongst us!  Find out which Sims are truly out of this world and discover the mysterious Alien dimension!"

Well sorta. EA is notorious for extremely staged trailers. I'm sure with every job will come a loading screen too. I'm really not trying to complain, but I do want to remain realistic here. They gotta a lot work to do themselves if they want to save this game.

P.S. Where are the firemen? Police, but no firemen?


  1. I've always loved building my own business in the Sims. So kind of like Ambitions? I wasn't a huge fan of Ambitions and rarely chose those careers.

    1. Yeah Ambitions mixed with a bit of TS2 Open for Business maybe. I wasn't a big fan of TS3 Ambition either. Well I liked it somewhat, but it wasn't what I expected. I thought TS3 Ambition would get rid of some of the job rabbit holes, but they were just extra little jobs that had you traveling all over the map. I think if they had opened up the buildings instead and allowed you to control them there, it would of been a bit more fun.

      If TS4 allows you to see them in their actual working environment with co-workers and random situations that can effect the sims around you, then it might actually be more enjoyable this time.

  2. True, but the chances of EA not screwing it up are very low.

  3. This EP looks like a good idea but reality might be very different depending on how well they execute the new careers. From what I can see you can be a doctor or a detective or an inventor, plus you can make a cafe or shop type of business. Those seem like reasonable additions to the game, but I never really believe that gameplay will in any way remotely resemble an EA trailer.

    It's interesting that they've included a healthcare career - wonder what all those people on the forums who were determined that EA would never introduce diseases make of that (despite the fact that there were diseased to some extent in The Sims 3 as well as Medieval etc).

    I still haven't got over that "live gameplay" video that the gurus did in which they held a crap party attended by a certain dictator and ended when everybody died of laughter in a pool of their own pee. That still pretty much represents the game to me.


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