Tuesday, February 10, 2015

SIMSPIRATION CYCLE 1- Assignment 1 Scores

"Saint or Sinner? To The Victor Goes My Soul"

The Assignment/inspiration for this was...
Battlefield - The Light Always Wins
By Nina Y (gotta give her props)

Dana says...
Total Score: 48/50
Requirements Fulfilled: N/A
Quality: 9/10
Creativity: 10/10
Detail: 10/10
Overall Image: 9/10
Assignment: 10/10
This is so perfect Vid! Its actually one of my favorites of all your photos you've done! The idea is super creative! I love how you went with an actual chess game! Its awesome! All the details and everything is great too! The only thing is that the snake you edited in doesn’t blend perfectly in with everything else, I see you used a rea life stock, but I suggest maybe a virtual stock of snake to match the sims style. Other than that, great job!

Taylor says...
Total Score: 44.5/50
Requirements Fulfilled: N/A
Quality: 8.5/10
Creativity: 10/10
Details: 8/10
Overall Image: 8.5/10
Assignment 9.5/10
The creativity in this is great, Vid! I love the idea and how they are playing a game of chess, and representing two different personalities. I feel like the guy could have been looking at someone, or focusing on the game, rather than into the camera. There are a few minor things: The coloring of the image is kind of weird to me, and a little too dark, and the snake feels a little out of place. Besides minor things, you did a great job and the title was one of my favorites this round!

3rd!!! Woooo! I'll take that! I was struggling to be inspired by the assignment pic, but I knew I had to join this comp. I usually stay clear of comps like this due to the lack of structure and it's openness, but I wanted to challenge myself. Plus I had plenty of time to think of something. :P

Well my title kind of explains it, but I was inspired by the chess board and the idea of Light VS. Dark. I feel like life is always a struggle of morality. The title itself "Light Always Wins" not always true in some cases IMO. So I wanted to do a pic that show the game of Life and Morality. The constant battle between good and evil within ourselves. (I know I got all deep there for min. lol)

We can choose any model we want for this comp, so I thought this would be a fun pic to do with Ethan. The good and bad models are just random ladies I chose from my bin. They don't originally look like this, so they got makeovers. Being that this isn't really a modeling type of comp, I won't go into the styling choices. I think they are pretty self-explanatory. 

The setting also doesn't need much explaining. I just wanted the setting to be simple, but I wanted it to still look like he lived there in a sense. I went with some dramatic lighting, two chess pieces in the back, and some artwork to make it look lived-in. Then I went for a dramatic tilt. That's about it. 

Not much editing. I edited the snake in of course and the tongue. Tweaked the lighting as always. That's all really.

It's pretty much what I envisioned, so I'm happy with it. One of favs as well this year. 

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