Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Alternative Simming- Assignment 1 Scores

First Place
Vid with Violet Blackstone
I feel like I'm on a roll of some sorts. Hmmm...*does happy dance*

Absolutely loving the voodoo doll approach you took to this Vid! It was very creative and unique! I also love the styling as well, she looks very doll like. I think the background in this is great too, the use of the omsp sizer really works here. The only qualm I have is that the pins look very edited, although they were a great idea. Perhaps blurring slightly on the edges of the pins will get rid of the white lines and make them look more natural :)

Overall image 9/10
Alternative Quality 7/10
Assignment 9/10
Creativity 10/10
Styling 7/10

Wow Vid! Great job on this. The background is great and very detailed, and the model is styled beautifully. I love the pins being used, although one looks odd, with it sticking so far out of her. The pins also have an extra line (maybe from a shadow that wasn't completely edited out) but overall, you captured the assignment brilliantly, with the exception of perhaps using a more stiff pose.

Overall image 8/10
Alternative Quality 10/10
Assignment 10/10
Creativity 10/10
Styling 10/10

I absolutely love this! I love that you chose to do something a bit different and made Violet a voodoo doll, it really works well and makes your picture stand out. It's great how she actually looks doll sized by being on the table with everything around her, the background itself is perfect. You also managed to make the picture look creepy while still having lots of colour which is great too. Her hair and outfit are great and those pins are perfect, they really complete the look. I don't really have anything bad to say about this at all, the only thing I could suggest is maybe a more "doll-like" pose, something a little bit stiffer.

Overall image 10/10
Alternative Quality 9/10
Assignment 10/10
Creativity 10/10
Styling 9/10

*continues happy dance* It's exactly what I wanted and I got 1st again! :D

The assignment was to do a gothic doll. I wanted to do something different from a typical doll, because I feel like I've done gothic dolls to death and I've seen enough of them. Soooooo I began thinking about other type of dolls and for some insane reason I thought about doing a voodoo doll! Fun fact: When I was little I asked my mom to bring me back a voodoo doll from one of her trips. I think she was either going to Mexico or Jamaica. Something to do with her job. Anyway, she sadly didn't bring me one. I think I got a shirt or a hat or something. I wonder why. Heck I can't blame her. What a little weirdo I was. lol

Anyway, I did some experimenting with this pic. I used a mod I never used before and I drew stitches. I'll get back to that.

I felt like the styling was the most important part in this pic. I knew I had to get the styling right to pull off the doll and voodoo look, so I pulled my hair out trying to get it just right. I downloaded cc dresses and sat all day staring at stupid CAS till I finally went with this Valentine day dress from the EA store. I thought the heart in the middle looked really doll-like and thought about how the heart was the most important vital part in your body. Voodoo dolls are all about putting pins in certain body parts. (Yes, I know I'm still weirdo. xD) So I decided to do cross between the voodoo doll and the Imaginary doll in TS3 when recoloring this dress. I gave the top a patch-work feel and the bottom a sack texture. I kept all the heart basically the same color. Gave her mix-match gloves with prints and stockings. Gave her spiky shoes. Then I used the hat sliders (love them) and put a spiky bow on her head to finish the look. The styling is probably the best and most detailed I've done in awhile. 

Then came the setting. I wanted her to look like she was on a shelf or table in a voodoo shop somewhere. So I colored the walls and floor to look like wood. Then I put some of the giant Showtime props in the room and I didn't like it. Didn't really read voodoo shop. So then I went on a hunt for giant things and my search came up with nothing. I found stuff like the skull, but those things were regular size. After some thought, I came to the conclusion that I was going have to use a mod to pull off the effect.

I remember a mod a long time ago that made objects bigger. I didn't remember the name, but I googled and found after some digging. I didn't really want to use it, because I thought it would be hard. It wasn't. I read the instructions, tested it out,  and I had no problems what so ever. I'm mad I never used it before. It's fun actually! I was totally giddy when I saw the skull and the tiny knife all giant. Everything except the pins are regular size in-game decor and cc. That mod is freaking awesome!

After getting the desired amazing effect, I tried out some poses and took the pic. I edited the pins in and I drew on the stitches myself. I thought the judges might not like the stitches, but I took a chance and it worked. Unfortunately the pins end up being the problem. I'm trying new ways of cutting out stuff, so hopefully that won't happen next time.

I think my only regret is not finding a more doll-like pose. I couldn't find any. Oh and also the pin situation. xD

B/w the object resizer is here if you're wondering: http://mahamudosim3.blogspot.tw/2012/07/omsp-resizer.html

The next assignment is do a Housewife in the Apocalypse. No I'm not making this up. Here's a example:
Super excited about this one and perfect timing with TWD back. Just need an idea and some cc. Hmmm....

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