Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Alternative Simming- Mock Scores

First Place
Vid with Violet Blackstone!
Oh yeah! *does happy dance*

I really like the edginess of this shot, Vid! I think the styling fit what I was asking for very well. The background was interesting but simple enough to go with the shot. I love that you made her hair the pop of colour needed in the shot, otherwise I think it could have been too dark, even for gothic. The only complaint I have is maybe finding a higher quality glove and tights as they look very blurred around the edges compared to the dress.

Overall Image: 8/10
Alternative Quality: 9/10
Assignment: 10/10
Creativity: 9/10
Styling: 10/10

They way you styled Violet is great, her hair and makeup are pefect and I like her outfit, the only thing I would change is the shoes as they blend in to the background and get lost. Great background choice as well, it's perfect for this assignment. Well done

Overall image 8/10
Alternative Quality 9/10
Assignment 9/10
Creativity 8/10
Styling 8/10

Vid, this is definitely right up your alley. Your styling is near spot on for the assignment. Although, perhaps adding a nice spiked heel would look more edgy than the boots she is currently wearing as well as complement her plum. The background really helps her pop, and her makeup and hair is perfect. It would be nice for her to be looking at the camera. Easy fix is to color over the eyes and pop in new eyes looking in the direction you want. Overall, great job Vid!

Overall image 8/10
Alternative Quality 9/10
Assignment 10/10
Creativity 8/10
Styling 8/10
+ 2 Le's pick

Ahhhhh! Now I'm 99.9% happy with what I did here. I'm glad it got me 1st! Woooo!

Gothic is my thing, but getting the styling to look high fashion can be tricky sometimes. I figure the only way to pull this off was to go a little crazy with the styling. I wanted really fierce makeup, interesting hair, and an runway worthy outfit. The styling went through many changes. The hair and the outfit were driving me insane, but I settled on this look. I don't know what I would do without CASt. That dress is silver, but it looks amazing in black and it's an EA store item! The hair is even EA! Thank goodness for crazy EA hair sometimes. lol

I think my only regret is I should of looked for spiky shoes. I was going to look for some, but then I got lazy and used the ones above. I also wished I did some editing on her tights.

As for the setting, I had to keep it simple and I think I did that. I really like that wallpaper.

The next assignment was to show my model as an creepy high fashion doll. I did that yesterday and I did a voodoo doll. I took some risk, so I don't know how well I'm going do. We'll see.

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