Thursday, February 19, 2015

Some late Love Day fun and Katherine grows up into a teen!

Legacy update time! A real update this time. No BS'ing! I played yesterday and all day today! My household has gotten quite hectic. I don't know. Maybe I'm rusty from playing smaller households. Anyway....

 The little ballerina is still practicing.  

Her family went to her recital and she got a trophy. 
Meanwhile, Katarina got a makeover.

Kat and Henry want Daniel to get marry, so I've been trying to get him a girlfriend. I had him work his vampire moves on the blonde girl from before. 
 I think this is his first victim.
 He then got really daring and they woohoo'ed. 
 Aha that walk....
 His brother is still up to things. Scaring poor dad. xD
 Nic's girlfriend aged into a YA, so their romantic interactions are limited.
 I have no idea what's she wearing b/w. It's quite hideous. I'm going have to start remaking the town over, because they all seem to pick the ugliest things. 

Anyway, Nic woke up in a bad mood and for fun I decided to break them up. Nic will find another.
 I gave Daniel's girl a makeover. Her outfit was a eyesore. They went on a date afterwards.
 Nic on other hand decided to get over his broken heart with some graffiti. 
 Most of this occurred on Love Day, so Dad gave mom some flowers.
 Then they sat outside gazing at the stars all romantic like. <3

 While they were outside, Nic got his hands on a megaphone and began ranting about love.
 His sister also took this opportunity to address her imaginary minions. 
 Finally the day came for Katerine's bday. They had a quick little party before work and school.
 Time to do the bday spin!
 Ta-da!!!! She's a teen!
Aw very petty! Her outfit not even ugly!
 For some reason Kat thought it was ok to scold the bday girl and Nic for not going to school. 
Nic immediately ran there while I let Katherine stay home for the day.
 I gave Katherine a makeover of course. I kept the outfit and gave her just a necklace. Her other outfits weren't that bad either actually, but I changed them for personal taste. 
Not sure if I like makeup on her or not. I don't want her looking too old.
The next birthday is Nic's and I think I got 2 or 4 sim days before that happens. Then I'll have yet another in-game born YA. YAY! :D Once Katherine grows up, I'm going move the siblings out and have them as my active household. The parent will be at the mercy of story progression, but I'm curious and interested what will happen to them after I leave them on their own. Hopefully I won't lose interest when I reach that point. 

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