Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The legacy/diary of Henry: A snowy birthday and festiveness

All the snow and the festive feel in my game almost made me miss winter. Pfff who am I kidding?! I had enough snow days this year for two winters. lol
I did take time to give them a X-mas tree though. They also exchanged gifts. :)
Henry keeps getting booty calls...er I mean date offers from random townies. which has become very annoying.
 I didn't know they could answer the phone while holding a toddler though. :o
 I gave Daniel a makeover. Well better hair anyway.
 Kat also got a new look.
 Didn't know teens could pick up toddlers either. So cute!
Such a good big brother. He even fed him in the high chair.
 Henry caught Kat under the mistletoe.
 I miss taking a photo of the actual kiss, but I totally had forgotten about that interaction.
 Unlike his parents, Daniel didn't get a kiss under the mistletoe. This just happened. Um....awkward!
Daniel...um friend came over after school. She has a pretty face, but that's about it. I did have him ask her to prom since they seem to be so close and she accepted, but they ended up fighting. I guess they'll go to prom together still.
 Ughhhh gotta do the homework.
 Ok onto something more exciting! Birthday time! Kat baked the cake!
 Henry's has the birthday boy! It's time! 1,2,3.......
 Ta-da! Nicolas is a child and he's in desperate need of a makeover!
 The hair most definitely bugged me. 
 Makeover completed!
 The family felt a bit cooped up in the house, so they decided to take Nicolas out for his birthday at Wibs' Fun-O-Rama found here. My whole town going be filled with her lots if I keep at it. lol
 The brothers decided to bowl after entering.
 I totally bowl like that sometimes.
His big brother isn't very good at it.
Here's a better shot of Nic's face. He's a cutie so far.
While they were bowling, the parents decided to sang karaoke. I feel embarrassed for them. lol
 After bowling, they played in the arcade.

 After a long day of mortal fun, they all made it home safely.
 Mom came in looking like "wtf!" xD
 So Henry put the boys to bed.
As for Kat, it's time to add some more estrogen in the house.
Yep she's pregnant! :D 

This is last time she will be pregnant, because I don't think I can take anymore babies and toddlers. For some reason despite having 2 boys already though they want another one! I'm totally ignoring that and going for a girl this time. I'm going need watermelons. :P

As for Nic traits, he has evil, klepto, and athletic. The next two will probably be charismatic and irresistible. I want him to be in the criminal career when he gets older and I might make him a womanizer for even more fun. lol 

Henry also mastered his painting skills and Kat joined the political career for her 2nd job.

I think that's about it. The next big event will probably be Kat bringing home the new baby and how it looks as a toddler. Hopefully a little girl. Till next time! :)


  1. Ah, it's nice that you decorated for Christmas. I realised recently that I'm really lazy about things like that - sometimes I don't bother with birthday parties, even though they only get a few birthdays in their whole lives, so I'm making more of an effort.

    Cute family so far - don't envy you when the next baby comes along, that'll be a lot of sims to keep track of! I don't know how people manage with mods that let you play with even more than the usual maximum of 8 per household. They must be constantly in chaos!

    Have fun, Vid!

  2. I'm usually too lazy to decorate too. I think that's the first time in awhile I put the tree up in someone house. I usually forget about it. I don't know what possessed me to decorate, but it was nice since my vamps have kids now.

    I think the most sims I've had in a house was 6, but they were YA supernaturals. That wasn't too bad, but kids seem to be harder. I'll be glad when they all grow up. I don't know how people can control more than 8 either. I would think the game would explode or one of the sims would go missing. I definitely wouldn't be able to keep track of them all.

    But thanks Caspin for commenting. *hugs*


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