Saturday, April 12, 2014

✧Seeing Double - Assignment 2 Scores ✦

1st: Vid with Alex and Alan
A2-Matching Magazine 
Getting 1st for this really meant a lot to me. Was A LOT work, but it was worth it! :)

Luce Says:
17/20 Styling
9/10 Creativity
10/10 Requirements
9/10 Quality
18/20 Twin Cohesiveness
This photo is amazing, Vid! I love how you added the “Seeing Double?” line, and, how you did what would be considered a mens magazine, I was expecting something like Cosmo, so this was a pleasant surprise! I like the outfits, but they are kind of boring. All in all, wonderful photo!

Piffle Says
19/-20 Styling
9/-10 Creativity
10/-10 Requirements Met
9/-10 Quality
20/-20 Twin Cohesiveness (Do they look good together)
Woww, Alex and Alan are looking soo hawt in this, *drool* They're styled perfectly for GQ and I honestly have no complaints except that it's a little blurry around some edges but it's soo minor. Your typography looks so legit and like a real magazine. If I had like one small suggestion would be to have the text on the right be right-aligned as opposed to left-aligned so it would frame the image better. But otherwise, this is pretty much flawless, amazing work Vid~! 

I think this is the best and biggest edit I've ever done! It also may be the most successful, because it's exactly what I envisioned! Almost flawless! I get giddy just to looking at it! :D

Since my twins are guys and I had just finished looking at a GQ cover on my hunt for celeb news, I thought it would be neat to do a sim version of that magazine. Now my past magazine have look like crap on crap, so I wasn't expecting it to look much like it. Still I if I was going fail, I thought why not fail with gusto and try your biggest edit ever! Never did I imagine that I would actually get it to look like the real freaking deal! OMG?! How did I do that? I'm still in amazement!
This is how it looked before I did all that editing...
Just so you non-sim modelers can get an idea of the amount of work I put myself through. lol I was able cut them out of the blue screen, but sometimes when you're cutting sims out you can get a yucky outline of green or blue in this case around them. That's not a good thing, because the blue will show up on any other color background you put them on and it looks darn awful. Even covering with a drop shadow doesn't work. I've done that before, so I should know. xD Of course lucky me got the outline around every freaking inch of their bodies. Yes every inch! So this left me with no choice, but to paint and smudge over every speck. It took me a whole freaking day and some just to do that! Matching colors, painting, erasing and smudging it over so it would blend. Insanity! I didn't even know how to do that till I did this cover!

The rest of the editing was a breeze. I have a lot experience with adding words to pictures and such. Then editing the faces were nothing. Alex's facial expression was pretty much perfect, but Alan's no smiling mug needed sprucing up. I tweaked it just enough that it look he was naturally smiling. I also arched the eyebrows a bit. As for the hair, that was a pain in the ass. No so much Alex's slick back cc hair, but Alan's EA hair. That hair looks ok in CAS, but outside of CAS it look like a freaking blob. I didn't want his hair any shorter and I wanted it somewhat slicked back, so I worked with what I had. I erased the bottom half of it while getting rid of the outline, so I end up redesigning the hair somewhat anyway. I also added a strand on the side to make it a bit more realistic. Never done that either before. I had more strands in the front too, but they looked stupid. lol

As for the wording on the mag, I used the actual GQ magazine logo, the catchphrase, and read different covers to get an idea on what should be some of the captions. I made them up myself, but I wanted them sound like something they would put on a cover. Putting "Seeing Double" was just me being clever and cutesy since that's the title of the comp.

The poses were randomly chosen after literally trying out different ones in game. I did want Alex's arm around Alan, but I couldn't find a good pose set for guys that didn't have one looking away or smiling too much. I'm really happy with the ones I ended up with.

I think the only thing I would change would be their clothes. I agree it was a somewhat boring choice, but once I started editing I left it like that. If I had the choice to do it over, I might of had them in dark blue suits with black shirts. The shirt I end going with was my way of having them dressed up, but not too dressed up. I also brought the shirt for 75 points, so I was kind of determined to use it. lol It was also the closes thing I could get a shirt in my head which had a undone tie and rolled up sleeves. I can't really see recoloring it any other color since my choice background color was grey. Still having a more complex outfit did cross my mind. Oh well.

Will work on having less smudging next time too.

For the next assignment I had to show their connection as twins. Basically showing them doing something together that bonds them. I did my picture yesterday (it's after 12 here) and it's based off my mock assignment. I was kind of worried I wasn't going get it done or it would look like rushed crap, but I'm quite pleased with it. :)

Oh and I'm officially done all my comps pics! Woooo! I also got 1 more sim day till my oldest vamp grows up and the bakery, so piccies soon! :D

P.S. I joined another comp! That makes 3 again, but I'm finished the assignment for that too. Yayz! :P

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