Tuesday, April 1, 2014

✧Seeing Double - Assignment 1 Scores ✦

3rd: Vid with Alex and Alan
A1- Sibling Rivalry
Tied for 3rd, which is fine by me. :)
Luce Says:
17/-20 Styling
7/-10 Creativity
10/-10 Requirements Met
8/-10 Quality
19/-20 Twin Cohesiveness
Awesome job, Vid! Your idea is so cool, but I don’t know if Alan is bad at basketball or on the opposing team, so that’s kind of confusing. I do like your set though, it’s very urban cool and detailed, plus it’s in Bridgeport (I think), which is a great city for this pic! I like the use of extras, but they seem too “posed” not like they’re playing a game of basketball and I would have preferred them to be more “at the ready” to play a game. All in all, this is a lovely photo, and the quality is superb!

Piffle Says:
18/-20 Styling
9/-10 Creativity
10/-10 Requirements Met
8/-10 Quality
19/-20 Twin Cohesiveness (Do they look good together)
Alex's and Alan's expressions are hilarious (Alex is all like BAM and Alex is like not amused :p) and your use of extras and the entire set really give this photo life-like qualities. The one thing that's off is the basketball since the shadow on its right is not consistent to your photo's light source. If you moved the shadow to the other side, I think it would help a bit. This was one of my favs this week, great job~!
Total: 125/140 

I did ok. I knew very well I wasn't get 1st with this and I'm cool with any spot that's in the top 3. Heck I'm cool with any spot that doesn't put me in last. xD

Anyway, I didn't have many ideas for this. My first idea was to have them play fighting/wrestling, but I couldn't find playful poses. All I kept finding was violent ones and well I didn't want them to kill each other. lol Then I thought about them fighting over food, but I wasn't really happy with that idea and wanted something more fitting for them. With them being the only guy twins in this comp, I thought hey I should at least try to do something that only guys might fight about. So after some thought, I came up with basketball. Build the court in Bridgeport for the city feel of it and went from there.

Now I do love the picture, but I did make a mistake and could of went about differently. The shadow under the ball should of been on the other side. I saw that after I had already posted. I also should of explained the picture or tried some of things the judges had said, because the story in my head didn't translate well in my picture. That's my fault.

As for the story in my head, I had the extras as friends looking on embarrassed and annoyed that the twins were holding up the game with another silly argument. Alex is gloating about making a shot while Alan just looks pissed about how childish he's being. I found it more amusing than I should have in my head probably. Oh well. Had fun doing it! :)

I've already done the next assignment. We're about to get scores for that soon. I had to create a magazine cover with them dressed alike. I'm not usually great at magazine covers, but I have outdid myself with this one. The most editing I've ever done! Just hoping the judges like it! >_<

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