Saturday, April 19, 2014

✧Seeing Double - Assignment 3 Scores ✦

2nd: Vid with Alex and Alan
A3- Connection
"We can drive each other crazy and bring out the worse in each other, but at the end of the day we're best friends. Maybe even closer than that. When we're together in smoky nightclubs and bars, we can zone out in the dumbest and some of the deepest conversations that we couldn't have with anybody else. Sure drinking together doesn't always pan out well for us, but its our little excuse to hang out and we wouldn't have it any other way." 

Luce Says:
18/20 Styling
8/10 Creativity
10/10 Requirements
9/10 Quality
19/20 Twin Cohesiveness
I love this, Vid! The backstory is awesome, but sad at the same time. You can tell that Alex and Alan have a bit of a broken relationship if they need to drink to be friends. It’s like Raj from the Big Bang Theory who has to drink to talk to women. I love the set, and you’ve made great use of styling and extras. Wonderful photo!

Piffle Says:
18/-20 Styling
8/-10 Creativity
10/-10 Requirements Met
10/-10 Quality
19/-20 Twin Cohesiveness (Do they look good together)
Aw, Alex and Alan are such cute brothers! I swear to god Vid, you're like amazing with posing extras, I'm jealous haha. They really bring life to this photo and your pose choices are perfect. I do find the background a little busy (maybe all the bright lights lol), maybe blurrying and darkening it would help the twins' stand out. Otherwise I really love this photo, great job Vid~!
Total: 129/140

I'm very happy with scores and this picture! I think this is the best club/bar picture I've ever done! The fact I can't even remember last club pic I've done means something. lol Club pictures can be really tricky.

The picture though is based off my mock assignment where the two woke up from a night full of partying. Being that they like to party, I figure that they way of connecting is obviously drinking and clubbing together. Plus it gave me a excuse to make a sparkly club picture. Been wanting to do one for a min.

As I said, club pictures can be hard and annoying. Lots of extras are needed, which means lots of poses. Ugh. Well I got all clever this time with the placements of the extras, the lights, and camera angle. I spread 6 extras around. 2 couple on each side, 1 party girl in view behind the main focus, and then a DJ. Then I positioned the camera so the twins took up most the space while also becoming the main focus. Then I added lots of designer color lights to distract and give it more of a cool club feel. Zooming out anymore would of it made it look empty, but you can't tell from the way I positioned everything. I also made posing the extras super easy for myself as I just simply had them dance to a radio off to the side and moved them once they got into a good position. The only extras that are really posed by the pose player are the couple sitting at the table and the DJ.

Had no problems with how I wanted Alan and Alex to look or pose in this picture. The beer/drunk poses are right on MTS and they came with beer bottle you can use as an accessory.

I think the only thing that made this picture hard was dressing the twins and the extras in CAS. CAS takes forever. It had sped up a bit before the last update. Oh well.

The next picture is to show a double life event like a double wedding, a birthday, or a double date. Being that those were the examples, I had to think really really hard and make myself not do one of those cute ideas. I finally settled on an idea today actually and I completed the picture a few hours ago. So happy to finally get that over with, because it was driving me insane! lol It's not 1st place material though, because I've seen the picture that's going get 1st and that idea is just freaking genius! I would of never thought of it! I'll be lucky to get 3rd this round actually. The pictures this round are brilliant! My idea is cute and funny, but it's definitely boring compare to the others. xD

Super excited for the next assignment!

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  1. I really like this one - two lads having a beer like that is realistic and it looks fun. Also I love sims dancing - they are too funny!


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