Friday, April 18, 2014

Going Vogue - Assignment 2 Scores

Tied for 2nd with Vi 
Vid- 98/105
I think I redeemed myself from last week. lol


Quality 10/10
Appearance 9/10
Requirements 5/5
Creativity 5/5
Setting 3/5
Total 32/35
Great shot vid, I love this! Your model really stands out from the male, and her dress is goregous! I wasn't really sold on the setting, but I get the concept and I think you did a great job. Well done!

Quality 10/10
Appearance 9/10
Requirements 5/5
Creativity 4/5
Setting 4/5
Total 32/35
Lovely photoshoot! Rachel looks great and she really takes ownership of this photo. The only thing i'm not a fan of is the male model's hair. But, very nice sultry photo.

Quality 9/10
Appearance 10/10
Requirements 5/5
Creativity 5/5
Setting 5/5
Total 34/35
Aww, I love this, Vid! The set is very creative, as is the styling, her short hair is unexpected and it really works for her. The men's styling this great too, because he doesn’t over power her, and I love your lady’s dress, it’s gorgeous!

Very happy and relieve to get 2nd. I wasn't too confident when it came to this picture. A lot things didn't go exactly like I wanted. I wanted do something more sexy, more daring, and different from my usual pics, but it ended up being something completely different from what I envisioned. TBH what I envisioned really never became a solid idea, so I had issues from the very beginning. Still the poses I had go with bugged me though. I couldn't really find sexy sultry couple poses. All I kept finding was cutesy kissy ones where you can't see either face and explicit ones. It became extremely frustrating! I end picking different poses from two different pose packs for my couple.

Secondly, I used Alan from Seeing Double as my extra/hunky accessory in the picture. I almost wish I had used his brother instead or gave him a haircut. I didn't realize how much the hair would cover his face.

Then the setting just irked me. I couldn't think of a good setting at all and I end up just randomly going with this. It was an all white dressing room at first, but I made it black last min. I don't know what made me come up with this other than the dress.

Speaking of the dress, that was the only thing that was planned and came out perfectly. I love the dress so much! It's gorgeous! I need a real life one, so I can twirl around it and be fancy like. lol Seriously it's a beautiful dress. You can find it here. I signed up to site just for that dress, because I seriously couldn't stop thinking about it and there's a couple more dresses I got my eye on there. Anyway, the styling for her was pretty much perfect. Made up for the rest of the picture to me.

I guess I can't complain too much since I tied for 2nd. Still turned out to be pretty. :)

The next assignment is to show "Vogue style haute couture face art" in a headshot. Basically fancy, but weird makeup. Well I took it that way. lol I'm not very good at makeup. Probably because I never really wear makeup it in real life, but I have completed the assignment to the best of my abilities. I actually really like the pic I did. I might make it my avi, so you'll be seeing it I'm sure. Hopefully it scores well. :)

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  1. Very glamorous picture! That is a lovely dress although I would never dare wear something like that in RL - I'd get it trapped in a door or something! I like the flowers strewn on the floor as well, gives it a romantic look.


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