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Walking Dead: Thoughts on Season 4 Finale

Been meaning to post this.
Do not pass this point! Spoilers ahead! Don't click read more if haven't seen Season 4 or it's finale!

As I warned you before. Same song and tune. If you're reading pass this point you have either seen season 4 or just want me to spoil it for you. SPOILER ALERT in!

Season 4 finale was lacking. It wasn't terrible and it wasn't boring, but it didn't feel like a finale. Maybe a mid-season finale, but not a finale for a 6 month break. It was underwhelming and a bit rush for me. Probably why it took me so long to write about it.

I'm glad Rick did find his balls doing this finale and seems to finally have attached them back for safe keeping as he's back in sane badass mode. I'm also happy to see Daryl get away from Joe's gang.

Speaking of Joe and the gang, wasn't that last scene of them awesome?! I loved every min of it. Rick biting Joe's neck was insane! Rick stabbing the crap out of the rapist creep was totally needed. He so deserved that. Then Rick calling Daryl his brother was cool! I even found some sympathy for Carl.

Now I do think Joe & the gang's time in the show was short. It felt like the writers build up the suspense of them finding Rick only to be killed a ep or two later. I know they gotta keep up the excitement and move the story along to Terminus, but it could of been better handled if they had showed bits and pieces more of the gang throughout the episodes. Even a flashback or scene of them dealing with the consequences of Rick's action would of even helped.

As for Terminus, we all knew where that was going! When Rick noticed the Termites'(what the Andy/Rick called them on Talking Dead) wearing the various items from his original group, I hadn't even noticed. Maggie's poncho made me fully realize it. Kind of dumb to be actually wearing their stuff so fast. Anyway, the big clue and prediction I had in my head since Terminus was mentioned was that these people were actually going be cannibals and the pile of bones in the ep seems to be pointing to that. I hope so. I only wish they had lured both Rick's and other merged group to dinner and then revealed it though. Lure them into a false sense of peace almost, so it would be something different rather than getting into a big battle right away again. We'll see, but it looks like it's going be another tedious battle right at the start.

Was also nice to see Rick and Abe interact for the first time and to see them all together. Well almost all together. Where in the heck are Carol, Judith, and Tyrese? How about Beth? Did they eat her or something? :P

As I said before, the finale was not what I expected and wasn't what it was hyped up to be. When Rick had his dramatic suspenseful line and Abe was like "what?" Me and my family were like "WHAT? SAY IT ALREADY?!" It was such a let down to hear him only say they messing with the wrong people." Like really? We waited for that?! Then coupled with the thousand commercials and the twenty flashbacks, we all felt a bit cheated out of what could of been an amazing finale.

Well judging from past seasons, the season will return in October. Such a long time to be left with such a finale. *sigh* I will still be excited no matter what though.

Stuff I'm wanting to see for Season 5
-I want to know more about Terminus and the people there
-I want to see Rick and Abe team up to kick some butt!
-Where's Beth?
-Where's Carol, Tyrese, and Judith?
-Who was yelling for help when Rick and co. ran pass the train car? (I'm thinking Carol & co.)
-Zombie baby! I will demand it till it happens!!! ;P

Stuff I'm predicting for Season 5
-Cannibals! Terminus is full of them!
-The people's names on the floor are Termites that died
-The group will find out Eugene is full of crap

Can't think of anything else. In the meantime, I'll be watching the new show on ABC called Resurrection at 9pm. It's part drama and part supernatural. It also has the undead in it like TWD, but the dead in this show have come back looking and acting almost like they did before they died. They just randomly show up at their family members doorsteps as it nothing happened, which has everyone scratching their heads and freaking out in the small town it's set in. A good mixture of weirdness and drama. Hopefully it doesn't get dumb or boring.

Sooo this is it till October I guess. I also notice people demanding I upload my Daryl sim, so I guess I better get back to that. :P

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