Sunday, April 13, 2014

The legacy/diary of Henry: Daniel enters the teen years!

My legacy is still going strong! I'm one step closer to watching a in-game born sim grow up into a YA for the first time! Woooo! :D
 As for that growning sim, he's enjoying life as a big brother to this little guy:
Awwww! I think they both look like their father in some ways. Well you'll see. ;)

Meanwhile Katarina is enjoying being a mom.
 Even though her youngest son is being a little brat! lol So freaking cute!
 Spooky day came around and Daniel dressed up in costume.
 When he went outside to trick or treat, he changed though. :/ Oh well at least he got some candy.
Nicolas decided to stay in and be cute.
 But later I had the two play peek-a-boo. Omg cutest overload!

 When Daniel isn't playing with his little brother, he's trying his hand at portions. 
 Umm...yeah he's not very successful at it. 
 Haha poor thing.
 Then mom came home from her job as a cook looking like this. Literally mins apart! LMAO!
 Well Daniel also took time to punish his IF.
 Bwhahahaha! I'm sure he'll pay for that. o_o *cough cough* new comic. *cough*
 More brotherly bonding.

 Many thanks to Caspin for the bakery set and Yazzie for the garden set. Will be putting good use to both! I did mange to add the bakery to town. 
 Kat couldn't find any plasma treats, but she did buy Daniel a cookie.
Rawr cookies!
 And milk for you!
 Kat needs to go up 2 more skill levels to bake plasma goodies. Working on that.
 Just Daniel taking the sofa out for a nice drive. He got lucky and had two snow days out for school. :P
 He also used the time to build a snowman.  
 Then he decided to be king of the household and make this awesome face!  

 His little brother was crying a little before this. I could of swore he stuck his tongue out at him. Anyway, the little guy stopped crying when started his little speech and seemed to stay calm the whole time as if he was watching him. I think he was, because he had the entertained moodlet.
 Take a bow! You pleased your peons!
As for the adults, they were outside getting all romantic. Of course someone cell phone rang interrupting them. Why does that always happen?!
 Then Daniel's bday finally came and Kat decided to bake him a cake for the occasion. 
Aw how pretty!
 I stumbled across this guy while planning out the bday party. Snownman gnome? I shall name him snowflake as soon as I find him again. xD
 Oh and she also baked cookies! I want a cookie! D:
 Well it's that time again!
 Daniel is a teen in 1,2,3.....
 Daniel felt a bit claustrophobic with all the crazy guest crowding around him.
 His crazed stalker IF also grew up.
 And speaking of crazy guest, Kat ex-husband was invited. Jack sure got some age on him.
 He danced with Kara who came dressed to my party in these hideous overalls.
 Jack and Kat's daughter, Angelique also came.
 She danced with birthday boy and half brother, Daniel.
 She looks like her mom. Blond hair and all.
 Daniel looks like mom too a bit. The siblings definitely favor each other. Peep out Jack in the back. I have no idea what's he doing. lol
 All the guest left except Jack who stayed to play with a toy. xP No drama went down, but Henry did want to beat him up. Maybe I should of had them fight. Oh well. Next time! The party was rated "great" by the way.  Angelique also manage to make up with her mom. They're good friends now. :)
 Now for Daniel's needed makeover! Ta-da! 
Handsome guy isn't he? He has Dad's eyes, but mom's nose and mouth I think. I'm quite pleased with the results so far. Hopefully he looks even more handsome when he becomes a YA. His traits so far are Good, Virtuoso, Neurotic, and Socially Awkward. The next one will probably be Genius.

I'm still not sure who I'm going pick for a heir, but I'll probably have everyone live together and move into a bigger house when I start getting into the next generation. First I gotta get through this one! Katarina also reached lv 5 of her job as a cook, so she's now 3 jobs away from completing her lifetime goal. I'm not sure what her next job should be though. Any suggestions?

I'm also planning on having Kat get pregnant again with hopefully a girl.

Nicolas will be aging up into child soon too. Real soon actually. He has 2 sim days left! Finally! When he does age up, I'll post pics. By that time, Kat will probably be pregnant again too.

And Kara from earlier (Henry's old neighbor/friend) has had so many husbands and boyfriends, I've lost count. She has 3 kids, but I'm pretty sure all of them have different fathers. lol 

As for anything else, I did have some routing issues with the bakery and child Daniel, but that's probably not related to the bakery. Probably the usual. Well I'm hoping anyway. >_>

I'll have another update soon. Laterz. :)

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