Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hipster- Mock Scores

This comp was about to close sign-ups when I turned in my model, so I made it just in time. I joined, because I was inspired by the infectious #selfie song that I tend to hum from time to time and I've been stalking simblrs. Well mostly Wibs, but don't tell her that. lol :P 

I don't know much about this stuff, but I have a decent grasp on it I think.

Vid with Shawn Summers
Mock: #Selfies
"Just had some amazing pizza. Seriously the food of gods dude! #selfie #pizza #thelastslice #roommatesgohungry #pizzastainsonmyshirt 

Shawn Summers (no relation to my sim Trey lol) is my sim from my old Hidden Spring save and my sim Ethan Mont's somewhat bf/bestie. I plan on giving Ethan cameos just based on that. If you want to see Shawn head and bodyshot or you still no clue what sim this is, you must read more!

They didn't do comments, because A LOT people signed up and it was no way they could comment on every single picture. They made cuts, so they might do comments next round or the round after that.

104.5 + Judge's Choice (Bebs)

Quality - 4/5 
Personality - 3.5/5 
Model Appearance - 8/10 
Caption - 5/5 
Set - 4/5 
Uniqueness - 5/5 
Requirements Met - 5/5 
Total - 34.5/40 

Quality - 5/5 
Personality - 5/5 
Model Appearance - 9/10 
Caption - 5/5 
Set - 5/5 
Uniqueness - 5/5 
Requirements Met - 5/5 
Total - 39/40 

Quality - 4/5 
Personality - 4/5 
Model Appearance - 6/10 
Caption - 3/5 
Set - 5/5 
Uniqueness - 4/5 
Requirements Met - 5/5 
Total - 31/40 

It feels weird not to have comments and I don't think I can comment on much, because there's no comments. lol

I will say my selfie above was slightly rushed, but I think I did ok. I made the cut! Wooo!

I wanted the selfie to look like a selfie though, so I went on a hunt for phone poses. I lucked up and found a male version of such a pose pack on a simblr. Then I just went from there and made a room fitting for a slacker. The shirt is not exactly what I wanted, but I settled with the one above. I do wish I had sized the photo more fitting for what a slender phone picture would look like, but I chickened out and wanted all my setting to show. The whole idea of it being about pizza was just an added idea I came up with in editing and most likely, because I was hungry at the time. ;P

The next assignment is to show my model on vacation and I have an idea already in my head for it. Probably work on it tomorrow. I have an actual doctor appt. Tuesday and I'm not sure what condition I'm going in be after that, so I'm hoping to get it done before Tuesday.

Anyway, my model Shawn Summer:

 His personality for this competition and probably for my next save is a slacker. He's a slacker/party animal. In my head he sounds kinda like a surfer dude/stoner and an air head. His name on his fake Tumblr or better yet Simblr is HighOnLifeForRealz. I find the name and just him as an whole hilarious! I had to join just so I could bring that to light as I kept thinking about using him and doing such a character for this comp. *sigh* He makes me giggle. I should really start a save with him as a slacker with Ethan as his equally lazy roommate. 

Speaking of Ethan and Shawn I mean this save:

And this Ethan who won Phobia Cycle 1:
While I do still think they make a cute couple, the new slacker Shawn will probably be running after mostly woman in his comp piccies. TBH in my mind he'll sleep with anything that has a pulse now, so either will work depending on the assignment. lol Then like I said before, Ethan will be making appearances in Shawn's pictures. I already have him dressed for A1. xD

If I can pull off the A1 pic in my head, it's going be both awesome and super funny. :D

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