Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Edgars' Legacy: Moving day and the passing of the torch

Another big update. 70+ pics! Didn't really feel like splitting this up into 2 post and it all goes together really well. Anywhooo, I finally got around to playing again. I was suppose to be doing a comp photo instead, but I just felt like playing and having mindless fun. Plus it was the perfect weather for simming. Blizzard conditions. xD

Kat and the fam decided it was time to move. 
Kathy went in style with some new hair. 

While the rest of the fam stood around in front of their new house. B/w the home sits right next to the graveyard! xD
Joyce decided to christen her new home by taking a sponge bath in the kitchen. o_o
Then she dressed in her pjs and made this face.
After that gem, she found a ice cone maker. Neat.
Kat danced in the living room.
Meanwhile, Kathy was doing it wrong.
Nic seemed to be having his own fail moment outside. He tried hypothesizing this paparazzi.
I think he end hypnotizing himself accidentally. That face!!!
LOL! Poor thing!
As for faces...
Yep another facial expression for the hall of fame. xD
This face was also interesting.
Not as cool as this face though. Kathy is the queen of weird facial expressions!
Anyway, the fam decided to have a house warming party.
Kathy and Angelique having some girl talk.
Joyce's dad and Kat seem to be hitting it off.
I don't think it's romantic. I hope not.
Then a party crasher invited herself.
A ghost!
Nic was automatically interested.
He tried laying his smooth moves on her.
But she wasn't having it being all unflirty and all.
She floated away. Back to the graveyard next door probably.
Half sister, Angeliqe isn't a fan of ghost or death it seems.
Kat and Mr.Finnely didn't seem fazed. Kat even dipped him.
Started snowing while it was snowing in rl. :P
The party was a success. It was rated as "Awesome".
Kat and Henry went off to have some alone time after the party.
They asked each other to forsake their vampirism.  
They agreed.
So they drank the magic cure potion and became human again.
Henry felt the chill of the air and the warmth of his skin for the first time in centuries.
Katherine drank it like the boss she is.

She then felt instant regret. xP
And fainted from exhaustion. 
Henry on the other-hand was excited to taste human food again. Don't know what this is, but it made me hungry looking at it. The egg rolls on the counter made me want egg rolls too. Like I need to go get some once the streets are normal again. 
Almost forgot about Daniel. Still getting rejected even when it's just a friendly convo.

Nic took it upon himself greet his new neighbors.
Wonder who it is...
I think I know this sim. It's Luna from Senior High: Underworld! My little red hair werewolf.

I moved her in town while I was getting everything ready for the move.
Didn't expect for Nic and Luna to hit it off. I was actually planning to have Daniel and her to maybe hook up. Hmmmm...this is an interesting development. 
Nic also thought it was interesting. He seemed pleased to be invited in.
Luna cooked a meal for Nic, but it didn't turn out well.
Nic didn't care and planted a kiss on Luna.
Access denied again.
But she forgave him.
He then ran off to work and got arrested again. Dude stays in jail!
Henry got a makeover to celebrate his new humanity.
Kat too got one.
With a few tears of sadness, the two decided to say goodbye to their children and move out into their own home.
Right across the street. lol
Typical Henry christening his new home by reading a book. 
Wasn't long before Kathy and paparazzi were visting. Elf paparazzi?
Kathy and Kat had some kitchen talk.

While Henry got back into painting.
Nic visted Luna for a 2nd time. 
(I don't know why she's wearing that fugly coat)
Nic wanted another kiss.
But he decided to take what he can get and conned her into a drink.
A drink of blood!

Mmm....werewolf blood.
He went in for another kiss after getting a rush from her plasma.
She looked upset again...
But she couldn't resist Nic's charms.

Nic you sly devil you. This is going be really interesting.
So yeah that's it for now. I stopped right after this. I don't think Nic will be marrying anytime soon, but he's going have some fun with Luna and Joyce. The naughty boy will be sleeping his way around town if he doesn't fall too hard for Luna.

Other little things I forgot to mention:
-Joyce got caught cheating while I wasn't looking. I don't how or with who. Maybe Nic? I don't know, but Daniel is pissed off at her. I see divorce in their future. 

-In creepy news, Kathy is attracted to her mom's ex husband, Jack and Joyce's dad. Ewwwww! She wants to marry an elder it seems. She's a golddigger, so that could be why.

-I accidentally moved and left the cars at the old house. -_- I also left the bunny gnome I think. Kinda sad I did that, but oh well. I believe Dr. Evil and Snowflake are in Nic's pocket. I hope so. 

-Henry's paintings glitch now that they've been in their inventories. All I see is a frame when I try to put them on a wall. I ended up selling them. :/

I think that's it. The houses featured in this post are at Wibs/Sommeliersims.

The main house below is here.
The parent's house is here.
I get all my houses from her. I know I can always get a trusted and beautifully decorated build from her. Plus their CC free! <3

Haha, might take all the kids stuff out though till I have some kids. xD Hopefully Nic will be getting some lovely ladies knocked up soon. ;)

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