Tuesday, January 5, 2016

On Location Cycle 3- A6 Scores

2nd place...I think. (Was in the top 2 safe models)
Your location: A Desert
Client's Challenge: Looking Fierce in a Bad Situation
This was a struggle and pain in the butt, but it was worth it. lol

As far as requirements goes, this is perfect. You picked an excellent setting, a gorgeous outfit, and Kelly looks like she’s dominating the scene. Unfortunately, some of the editing really got in the way this time. There’ slots of obvious smudging around her hands and feet and while I think it’s dirt flying around her, some of the spots look like bruises or smudges on her legs! Ovearll, though, you really did a great job!

The smudging is still noticeable around the legs like the last assignment, but the image is well done regardless of that! A fierce outfit and pose with some gorgeous shoes, it definitely fits the requirements. The effects you added in were well done and make the image pop, and the hair flying in the wind was a nice edition, and I think you pulled it off really well. The blurring on the hair does seem a little overdone even for a motion shot though, and the hair in the front should have had a few strands blowing as well, but otherwise well done!

I really need to manage my time better with these things. I was really uninspired and annoyed about doing a desert photo for some reason, but I pulled myself together and made something. I still don't know how I did it.

I wanted to do something more flowly and beautiful, but it didn't seem to fit the fierce part of the assignment so I embraced my model's inner Beyonce (yuck) and just made it work (I love this catchphrase. Project Runway. Wooo!) I also wanted to highlight her beautiful skin color and hair.

My only regret is the smudging on her legs, the hand, and the hair. I wish I had just made her bald and did the hair from scratch with hair stock for the blowing effect. Like I said I need to start these things earlier.

The next assignment is to do a swimwear in the snow! I love the assignment! I just need a good swimsuit and a background. I was thinking about doing it in-game, but ehhhh I don't know. Probably not a good idea. I'll think about it.

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