Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Edgars Legacy: Katherine ages to a YA finally!

Now for a mega update! This post has more pics than the other. I kind of went overboard, but a lot happened at one time. Enough talking. Here we go...

Just Nic and Katherine now. 
Clean up kids! It's a pigsty!

Henry has taken a liking to Nic's dragon.
While Katherine has taken up art again.
After a few days, Daniel showed up on his parents' doorstep for a quick visit.
Henry gave him elegant greeting.

Kathy went on a field trip to the local bistro, but things didn't go so well as she witness another death.
Kathy: You're ruining my field trip!

Kathy went to prom the next day. She was unable to ask anyone to dance.
While Nic stayed home and longed on Daniel's old bed.
He got bored and decided to chat up his dear old dad.

They really do look alike.
Writing a love letter? To Joyce?
Kathy found the prom to be lame, so she came home early to play some ball with her bro.
" someone watching me?"
Gnome break!
Bunny gnome hanging in the garden again.
Dr. Evil being evil again!
Well we know who keeps leaving trash don't we?!
Won't be drinking any of that tea! o_o
That face. lol
It's Spooky day! She made her own cookies for the party.

She dressed as a mermaid this year. :)

Daniel came to the party as a detective.
Angelique was a doctor.
Joyce was a sexy maid.
Joyce's dad came as an astronaut while Bam is the cowgirl in the back.
Party time!
It was quite chaotic for me. lol
Old habits never die hard! Get your own computer already and join the party!
Angelique and her hubby. I did not know they were married. I guess that's Bams' dad.
Nic decided to join the party and dress as a pirate. 
Henry decided to stick with the water theme this year and dress as a scuba diver with mom. 
Erick Wheeler and Katherine. Kathy has a thing for him.
While Nic obviously has a thing for Joyce.
Uh oh.
While trouble was brewing with those two, Kathy and Erick got into a little argument. I think he has a girlfriend, so maybe that's why.
While Daniel got up from the computer to suspiciously look at his wife. Looks like Kathy figured out what's going on.
After a few weeks away from the family and not having luck finding a house they decided to move back in for a bit after the party.

The next day on Kathy's birthday, Nic got arrested again.
Everytime I have a big event he gets arrested! Ughhhh!
Saw the spaceship again. It's parked at the science center. :o
Katherine was not pleased with the news of Nic arrest and took it out on dad.
Nevertheless, the party went on.

Aha I love their facial expressions!
Surprise! Though smelly from jail, Nic got home in time to see his sis age up to a YA! I think dad has to pee b/w.
Missed the sparkles, but she's officially a YA.
Dad stole the spotlight though.
He went on his self in the middle of the party. Ew!
Kathy: Ew dad! You're so embarrassing!
Henry: Oh well. Who needs them. I still got you Drogon.

Makeover time!
With just makeup and hair....
Time to change the outfit again!

*dies again*

I'll be over here just dying if you need me. She is just too damn gorgeous. I can't handle it. It's ridiculous. Like poor Daniel didn't get any of these genes! I'm so like dying right now. I almost want to pick her for my heir. Can I have two heirs? Geezus!

Anyway, I thought Nraas would find Daniel and Joyce a house while I waited for Katherine to age, but they just stayed homeless. So I moved them back in and now I have a home ready for them. Probably do the whole moving via edit town if I can. Hopefully things will go smoothly from here on out after I tweak some settings.

Ok, but here's the plan in it's entirety. I'm planning for everyone to move out of the house into new homes. The siblings and Joyce will move out into one home and the parents will move into something smaller right across the street from them. My active household will be the siblings of course while the parents will be at the mercy of story progression with a few setting tweaks. I've also decided to have to them become human again and age with the rest of town. Seeing Henry age into a elder and eventually pass is going be emotional, but it feels right considering he's fulfilled his life goal of being married and having kids.

I'm also thinking about reinstalling pets, so Henry and Kat can have a doggie companion to keep them company in their new home. I'll see about that. I'm not sure if the video card I have now is compatible. Probably is, but I want to be sure. 

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