Monday, January 4, 2016

On Location Cycle 3- A5 Scores

I totally forgot to post this.

4th Place
Your location: The Great Outdoors
Client's Challenge: USE/INTERACT with a prop to simulate you actually doing something outdoor
(Bohemian Fashion)
Wasn't happy with scores, but it's not perfect whatsoever and I get it. 


I think this is a pretty good idea and a nice attempt, but there are some issues I have. I love the flittering birds, the camera, and the hat so much! I’m not a fan of the stiff pose and the way she’s kind of floating on the grass. I think her feet being hidden behind the grass would hve helped! I do like this though – very vibrant and such a pretty background! Let’s pick a pose that’s not so stiff and doesn’t make Kelly look like she’s utterly bored (on the verge of rolling her eyes) :)

Photography was a great choice for the activity, and the outfit is quite cute, I really like the chosen pattern. The birds were a nice touch as well, makes it seem like she’s photographing birds. However, your quality is really low this week. The clothing print is low, there’s sharp edges all over and around her, and even a blurriness in some areas. I’m not sure what happened but hopefully your game is alright! Make sure to check your edge smoothing settings since it seems like it was turned off. Also, the grass really doesn’t match the rest of the background. It looks really fake and stands out compared to her environment. It was a nice photo, but there were a lot of issues this week that just lowered the overall look.

Well the quality looked ok to me, but that's me and I did rush this. The dress was not the right choice. It's a pretty dress, but it's too blurry for a modeling shot. Then the grass is cringe-worthy, so I agree with them for the most part.

Anywhoo, I made the pose myself if you can't tell. I have since tweaked this pose to look more natural for the pose pack after lots of awkward posing in the mirror. I wanted the pose to still look like a modeling pose, but maybe I should of took a chance with it more. I still needs tons of practice when it comes to poses, so I'll work on making poses with more movement.

My feeling were a little hurt after this, but I got over it. I'll make sure everything is top notch from here on out.

The next assignment was to do a desert shot and I was hoping we wouldn't have to do something in the desert, but I made it work and I did a lot better with scores. Be posting those soon. 

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