Monday, January 18, 2016

On Location Cycle 3- A7 Scores

2nd place
Your location: A Wintery Water Source
Client's Challenge: Winter-Inspired Swimwear
I would have liked 1st, but oh well. >_<

This is a pretty picture, Vid! I really like that this is vivid and Kelly pops in the shot. She looks stunning and that has to be one cold photoshoot!! Great swimwear choice, excellent accessories, and good posing. She is a little blurry where she meets the ground, but I think this is pretty amazing overall.


Well I think I'll show some of the unedited before instead of rambling.

The bathing suit was a pain in the butt. See how blurry it is on the edges and the white parts? Had to go over it and basically draw on it. 
Then I combined these two backgrounds and edited the crap of them.

After lots of smudging and filters, boom the finished product....
I love this photo so much. It's not flawless, but it's exactly what I wanted. ^_^ 

The next assignment is pose in a landfill in couture outfits. Yay and ewwwww! I got n outfit and a background. I need hair. Pfff like I need more hair in my mods folder. xD

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