Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Edgars Legacy: Sparks fly!

Lalalalala! I've gotten to play my game more than ever this week! I'm totally hooked again! I even got around to merging my cc, so things are a bit more faster. Wooo! Anyway, I have too many piccies! 98 of them to be exact, so you're getting two post. One tonight and one tomorrow. You're welcome! Now onward and upward to the actual post....

Daniel and Joyce. Aw new love!
But Nic is up to no good!
He's also going change that awful work outfit. Yuck!

Speaking of love, Katarina and Henry celebrated their 3 year anniversary. So cool the game is keeping count!
(Windows 10 properly screenshots in-game now.)
They decided to take a trip to Coopers.
Get this latest Wibs creation here.
Oddly enough the bartender wasn't in to serve them drinks.
So they shot some pool.
Then they took the love machine thingy for a spin. 

Yay! So romantic!

Dude aren't you suppose to be working?
Ugly townie outfit alert! Help! We need a fashion police!
The bartender finally came in...
But the bar closed. Blah!
Oh well. They decided to make the best of the evening by watching the stars together just outside.
Meanwhile, Nic is still smoking hot!
While Joyce is morning the loss of her mom. Aw. :(
She decided to have some tea with Katherine to get her mind off of things.
Things were going fine...
Till Nic showed up and butted in.
Joyce still distraught and confused didn't know how to deal with Nic's advances.
So Nic tried to cheer her up with flowers.
She found his gesture to be sweet. Uh oh...
Meanwhile, Henry and Kat came back from their date to do some slow dancing before heading to bed. Henry though felt something was amiss. 
He found Nic and Joyce having a deep and flity convo. He was not amused!
Then Daniel curious of the commotion went to go see.
They didn't kiss, but he was upset to see his own brother flirting with his wife.
Nic hightailed it out of there and Joyce caught the heat.
So much for new love.
Here's some gnomes to lighten things up.
Unfortunately the drama wasn't over. Nic came home from work in his new work clothes.
And Daniel and Joyce decided to move out.
*cues soap opera music*

Next time on Edgars Legacy, Katherine grows up, the fam celebrates Spooky Day, and Wibs is slowly taking over my game with her lots. xD Stay tune!

P.S. Most of the flirting with Nic and Joyce was all do to free will. I think they would of went further if I hadn't stepped in. O_o


  1. Haha Nic and Joyce have a deep, flirty conversation about money :')

    Loved the updates!

    1. Hmmm...maybe Nic is planning to blackmail Joyce since she's rich also or he wants to pay her for some fun when Daniel is out the house. Haha my dirty mind.

      Glad you like the update. Will be emailing you back soon. >_< Happy belated New year! *hugs* :)

  2. Hahaha, sounds like Nic. As far as we know him now :-P Katherine is gorgeous by the way, now I'm kinda sad she isn't the heir. She'd produce some nice looking babies and I like her sass.

  3. Uhrg, I shouldn't enter so fast! A happy belated new year to you too! :-D


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