Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Dark Shadowz Cycle 10- A3 Scores

3rd Vid & Ethan Mont
My piccie turned out like I wanted, but I want better scores. Grrr! Will work on it! B/w I made both poses myself. The floor one is my fav! :D

Also don't know the film, but I read up on the Babdook if you're wondering what the heck it is.

86.5 points
Photo Quality: 8/10
Photo Presentation: 8/10
Creativity of Photo: 8/10
Creativity of Story: 14/15
Relation to Assignment: 5/5
Total: 43/50
Nicely done. I liked the ideas you had throughout the story and I think you did a great job of showing us the final scene in the photo. It is spooky to think that his best friend was so possessed, but very fitting for the story. The editing was all done pretty well – although poor Mr. Nibbles looks more like a red-stained rag than a bunny. But that’s a minor editing thing. Good work overall!

Photo Quality: 7.5/10
Photo Presentation: 8/10
Creativity of Photo: 9/10
Creativity of Story: 14/15
Relation to Assignment: 5/5
Total: 43.5/50
You definitely kicked up the darkness in this assignment! I liked your idea here and think you produced it well. The mirror reflection is spooky and the blood everywhere and the hands all tie the darkness together. I feel bad for the little rabbit! If anything, I think it could have been a tad bit more detailed? I couldn’t tell what it was just by looking at it. As far as your story goes, I enjoyed it! Good job!

I didn't want to kill the bunny! *cries* The thought of editing in a real bunny made me feel bad, so I cheated and use a fur rug. I have no regrets! xD I would have used a human death in it, but neither Ethan or Shawn are the murdering type and it didn't fit into my story. Nevertheless, I like what I did and it was a lot scarier than my previous entries. Mission accomplished. Now I just need 1st just once to die happy. :P

The story will be below, but I was inspired by Fatal Attraction and the Badadook stuff I read. 

The next assignment is to turn my model into harlequin aka scary clown/jester. I have no idea how Ethan would suddenly turn into a scary jester in my story, so I might have to take a detour from the recurring story format and just focus on making up a separate story for the assignment. I will go back to it if I can think of a way to tie in all together, but it might be wiser to let it go. We'll see.

Things were never quite the same after the séance. The girls were too shaken to explain what happen or even look me in the eye and Shawn was just different now. He went from being an outgoing loving friend to a quiet sullen creature who barely spoke to his best friend. He seemed troubled ever since that night. We became almost like strangers passing each other every so often in the narrow hallways of our dorm. I stayed in my room and he stayed in his. Finally after weeks of not talking he called out to me in almost a whisper.

I almost didn't answer out of anger, but I found myself turning around to him immediately and feeling instantly concerned. He looked sickly, pale, and downright horrible. I rushed to his side as he looked like he could barely stand. I carried him into my room sitting him on my bed and put my hand on his head wondering if he had came down with some bug or fever. He smacked my hand away and grabbed me into a hug speaking softly into my ear.

"Ethan....I have to tell you something. I have these feelings. Ever since that night...."

"Feelings?" I said puzzled as I thought about the girls unbutton shirts and his hands on my face. "You mean..? Did I? Did we...?"

"Huh? Something else came out of that séance. It's stalking me. It wants me to hurt you."

I looked at him with disbelief. Despite what I had went through my human mind couldn't comprehend what he was saying. He told me the creature was following him invading his dreams and mind with murderous thoughts. He was scared that the creature would posses him like the demon who possessed me. He was scared it would make him kill me. I ensured him I wouldn't let that happen and I would help him, but I didn't want to believe it. It all seemed too frightening.

Once he calmed down, I gave him one of my sleeping pills and told him he was in desperate need of some sleep as I looked at the bags under his eyes. He refused at first, but I told him he could sleep in my room if it made him feel more comfortable. He happily agreed and he grabbed a old sleeping bag I had buried in my closet. Before I could even cut the lights out he was tucked in and sleep in it beside my bed. A small smile graced my face watching him and I got into my own bed pulling the covers up over my head. It wasn't long before I joined him in dreamland. Despite his story I was comforted by his present. Then as the night grew on I was awaken by the sound of footsteps and my pet rabbit, Nibbles making the most awful sound.

I jumped up calling out for Nibbles. I step down from my bed making sure not to step on the sleeping bag while plum not noticing it was empty. Then I stumbled around in the dark for what fell like forever trying to find a source of light and felt a wet substance under my feet. Wet and sticky. I grabbed my cell phone and used the brightness of the screen so I can shine a light on Nibbles' cage. When I found the cage I gasped and backed up feeling sick to my stomach. I slipped in more wetness and fell in the red substance. Blood. Nibble's blood. I looked at the empty sleeping bag at that moment as I scrambled to get up. As I yelled my best friend's name, I saw him in the corner of my eye and I began screaming. He was standing before me with Nibble's bloody corpse in his hand and a knife in the other. He looked at me with no expression as if he was nothing more than a shell. I begged for my life and cried out for him to come to his senses. I tried crawling away, but it was no use. Something was dragging me to him. The creature he spoke of was dragging me to my death.

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