Wednesday, February 3, 2016

On Location Cycle 3- A8 Scores

Your location: A Junkyard/Landfill/Dump
Client's Challenge: Couture Fashion
*sigh* I was super bummed about being eliminated. Almost made it to the end. :(

Great job editing Kelly into the scene. She looks great and seems proportionate. I also appreciate that you went with a brighter setting. The darkened settings can get a little eh with an already dark scenario (posing on trash). I like the pose, even though I wish she were looking at me. I also think you were on the right track with the hair, but wish it were BIGGER. The makeup is spot on and the dress is pretty okay. I’m not sure I’d classify it as couture, but it definitely is funky and that’s good. Overall, good work with this one, I know it was tough!

This just isn’t it. The pattern kills me, I think I’ve seen it on a 90’s couch. The pose isn’t feeling couture high fashion. The background is too different in quality, and she looks plopped down on a stock. Try adding lighting and shadowing, maybe a really low opacity colored layer to mimic a PS action (if you’re using gimp) or use some action in PS to help blend sim to background. I think you put the effort in, but it just missed the mark.

Well I guess it had to come to end eventually. Getting 3rd isn't bad, but I would have loved 2nd at least. xD

I think my biggest downfall was the dress and time. I spent way too much time trying to find a dress, so it cut into my much needed editing time. Even so I need to work on editing sims onto stock backgrounds and such. I gotta a lot improving to do and I'm glad I joined this comp, because I learned a lot. Plus it was fun! Beech's comps are always fun.

I don't have much else to say. I wish I found some better hair? A better dress? Yeah I do regret not brushing up on couture fashion, but oh wells. I'm over it. Maybe next cycle. xP

The next assignment is Boudoir with vintage lingerie. I love vintage stuff, so aghhhhh why did I have to get eliminated! Curses! >_<

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