Sunday, February 21, 2016

Walking Dead: It's back! S6 Mid-season premiere! Review Catch-up!

I totally forgot to talk about the Mid-Season finale. It was rather lack luster, so maybe that's why. The Mid-Season premiere answered a lot of my questions anyway and it was f'ing awesome, so let's discuss that amazing episode before the new one comes on tonight. 
Spoilers ahead! Big spoilers! If you haven't seen the mid-season premiere or any of Season 6, stay away! You have been warned!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5... stop right now or risk being spoiled! xD

I think I'll do this by the character and events that stuck out to me, because I want to make this fast and short!

Negan's biker Gang and the rocket launcher- Bwhahahahahahahahahaha! Boom! That shocked the hell out of me! I was like WTF?!!! Daryl is a boss! That was the best explosion and opening ever!!!! We were clapping and laughing like crazy in my house.

Carol and Morgan- Ughhhh! I wished Carol had killed him and put him out of his misery. He put people in danger. That wolf could have just murdered them all. They were lucky.

Carol- She look like she was filled with guilt now since shooting the wolf, so she might start losing it. She also might feel bad once she finds out Sam is dead.

The Wolf- He is fugly as hell on the show, but damn was he hot on Talking Dead. Haha, sorry. Had to say it. Anyway, I started to like and feel a little sorry for him at the end. He was changing, but that still doesn't justify Morgan's actions.

Sam (Jessie youngest son)'s death- Booooy! Shut the hell up! Like FFS! I was hoping Rick or Jessie would just grab the back of his head and tell him to shut up at the end of the mid-season finale. I knew he was going end up being walker lunch. I bet Carol wished she hadn't told him that scary threatening story now.

Jessie's death- Maaaaannnnnn I did not see that coming. I knew Sam would be her downfall, but I thought she was going be on the show for awhile. I wish she had just slapped that boy or made him go with Father Gabriel. Kind of feel sorry for Rick.

Ron's death- This dumbass should have died during the mid-season finale. He was trouble from the very beginning. Teaching him to shoot was so freaking dumb!

Carl and his eye- Ahhhhhhh! WTF?!!!! I kind of got spoiled with a comic pic of Carl with no eye, but it was still pretty shocking and gruesome to see. I gasped even. I knew he wasn't going die though. He should have with that injury, but plot armor. >_> I guess Carl's going be the new governor. lol Going be weird to see him with a eye patch.

Father Gabriel- He's redeeming himself, but meh I'm not sure if I can trust or like him. He's going die soon I'm sure.

Glen's near death misses- I'm looking in my crystal ball and I see Glenn might be next on the death toll. He's been in danger too many times now. It's almost like he's in the movie, Final Destination and death is after him. lol Well at least him and Maggie are finally reunited. Hopefully he gets to see his baby first before he bites the dust.

Stuff that came true from my last post
-Glenn and Maggie reunited.
-Carol killed Morgan's captive wolf. Well it took them till the premiere for this to happen.
-Daryl, Sasha, and Abe came back in to help in the chaos
-Eugene is alive!

Stuff that I want to see tonight

I'll fill that category out after the new ep in the next post. Got 1 more hour and some change. :)

P.S. And excuse the typos. I'll fix them later. Literally rushing to get this posted before the new ep. :P

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