Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Walking Dead: Ep 10 The Next Word

Spoilers alert! Spoilers ahead! If you haven't seen the mid-season premiere or any of Season 6, stay away! You have been warned!
Spoilers in we go!!!!

My permanent emotion for the week thanks to TWD.

WTF?! This is by events because this was clearly a filler ep and it's easier this way. B/w I may be saying WTF, but it's not in a good way. I actually didn't like this ep. Such a let down from last week's epic ep. I didn't expect them to keep the same pace, but this was a really WEIRD episode.

Rick & Daryl's Road Trip- They were in rare form. They were both being incredibly dumb. Mostly Rick, but gosh did they do some stupid stuff! Here's a list of their stupidity.

1. Why are you blasting music for everyone and their mother to hear? I don't care if you haven't seen anyone or anything for months! Use common sense!

2. Why leave a perfectly good car on the road when you have two people. Why not split up and follow each other. One in the truck. One in the car.

3. A guy bumps/tackles you and you don't shoot him? After all you been through? Then you let him run off all suspicious like. Then you both go and check out some gun shot noises leaving the truck unoccupied for the dude to steal? *facepalm*

4. You catch up to the thief and you still don't put a bullet in his ass?! He would have got one just for making me run in the hot heat. I don't care if he's a important character.

5. You got a truck full of important supplies, but you're like "Hey. Let's explore some more and risk losing them again to another thief or the previous one you tied up." *headdesk*

6. You leave a truck full of supplies to run after some dude you could have just ran over or shot from the truck?! Hell Daryl could have shot him instead running after him like a cartoon character! Then that trucks ends up in the bottom of the lake and you're like "oh well. Let's bring the thief back home with us, because he did save your life Daryl!" OH FFS RICK!!!

7. No one swam to the bottom to see if they could retrieve anything. Can food and sealed stuff could have been salvaged. This is the apocalypse damn it!

8. Then you tie up the same thief again and expect him to stay tied up. *sigh*

Paul aka Jesus- Oh Jesus! Dude is a hipster ninja or something, because no human could do what he did. He somehow untied himself in time to catch up the truck, and then jumps on top? Then he still has stamina to outrun Daryl? I can overlook a lot stupid stuff, but that was so unbelievable.

If they were trying to be funny, it fell flat for me. I don't look for slapstick in my TWD. Keep some of the lines and dialog light at times, but let's not go there again.

Spencer (Deana's Son) trip into the forest- I didn't mind this so much, but why all the secrecy? I also don't know how he peeped his mom out among all those zombies, but meh. He's also not that cute b/w. Ehhh. Anyway, having that sad moment was jarring with all the silliness with Jesus.

Walkerfied Deana- I forgot to mention her death in the previous post. I saw her death a mile away. No big surprise here. I just don't understand how she remained intact from the invasion and was able to somehow get out to wander the forest. Meh, oh well. 

Carl the one eye wonder- How is he alive again? Well he's sure handling it well. I heard that they did more with this in the comics, so it's kind of shame they didn't cover some of his recovery more. Just seems like it was just implemented for shock value at this point. 

Michonne & Rick- The gif above express my feelings perfectly. *pauses and takes a deep breath*

Huh? Whaaaaaat? Nooooooooooooooo! Stop it! It's like watching my parents make out or something. Ehhhh I don't like it. I can not unsee that! This shouldn't be! Make it stop! *cries*

I rarely like romance in this show, but this is one is my least favorite of all time. Can they just stay single? Maggie and Glenn: Sure. Abe and Sasha possibly: Ok. Cool. Rick and Michonne? Is this real? Am I having a nightmare? I don't want them together. Like this is the one relationship I didn't want to happen. Their badass partners in crime. I just can't picture them being lovey dovey and romantic. *gags* It almost seems incestuous. Ew. This going take A LOT to get use to. I've invested too much to quit now, but it's going be super weird. 

Ughhhh. My brain still hurts from seeing them together. Then I was officially done when Jesus popped up at the end while they were in the buff. How the heck he untie himself again and get pass Daryl? Smh.

Stuff I'm hoping to see next ep
-What happen to the Wolves? Don't tell me it's over already.
-Rick being a badass and less of a dummy. He's getting soft again. >_>
-Daryl finds his crossbow
-Carl's eyepatch
-The fallout from the Carol and Morgan fight
-What's so great about I mean Paul?

Stuff I'm predicting for this season
-Either Glenn or Daryl is next on the death list. Probably Glenn
-More Rick and Michonne love -_-
-Father Gabriel will further redeem himself, but he'll die
-The wolves are apart Negan's gang?
-Carol will start breaking like Rick
-Morgan will get someone killed or himself

Not sure if I like where the show is going, but it's too late now. I'm in it for the long run! :P

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