Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dark Shadowz Cycle 10- A5 Scores

1st Vid & Ethan Mont
Muhahaha! I finally got 1st!

88 points

Photo Quality: 9/10
Photo Presentation: 8/10
Creativity of Photo: 8/10Creativity of Story: 15/15
Relation to Assignment: 5/5
Total: 45/50
Wowza, what a creeper! I liked this a lot. It had elements of the Tell Tale Heart and your typical supernatural ghost haunting. I loved it! I think that your photo is pretty stellar too – except that the metal bar looks more like a black streak…lol but overall, you did a really great job. Ethan came off quite creepy and I adored that. I do kind of wish that the chapel looked more hellish since that’s where they are, but that’s just a personal preference. Good work.

Photo Quality: 8/10
Photo Presentation: 7/10
Creativity of Photo: 8/10
Creativity of Story: 15/15
Relation to Assignment: 5/5
Total: 43/50
Very creative story! I loved the hints of her being claimed as his, and it was really fitting for the end! I think your picture fit nicely too. The styling and gore was good, as well as the makeup and such. I like the expressions and how he's poking around her like that! If anything, a lot of the blood looks nicely editing so good job, but the debris is her chest look a bit pasted so try shadowing a bit more to help? Good job!

After ditching my continuous story format, I finally got good score. Should have done it sooner. xP The assignment was kind of open ended, but you had to incorporate a skeleton look into it. I was initially going edit skeleton makeup or make part of his face look like a skull, but it didn't work out. My attempts looked really awful. So then I scratched that and fried most of my brain cells till I finally stumbled upon an extremely helpful piece of CC. A male Bonehilda outfit. It's at MTS. Actually it's male Bonehilda butler. Looks cool if you can figure out the head part. 

Oh yeah back to my pic. That and the face makeup I found really helped tons. If I hadn't found those things I would have dropped out. For real this time. I was totally stressing myself out.

Well after pulling myself together, I made up a story around those two pieces of cc. I also got super inspired by the classics shows like Twilight Zone and Night Galley. I watched some of the Twilight Zone marathon on New Years and I still watch Night Galley if I'm up that late enough on weekdays.

The story and the photo just came together once I got an actual good idea and some inspiration tho. 

The wedding chapel in the photo is also from MTS b/w. It's the same one I used for my legacy photo. I just recolored everything in it. I don't really like using other people's lots in my comp photos, but I was running out of time. I'm really glad I thought of using it.

The next assignment is the finale and it's Harry Potter themed! I got to incorporate all of the Deathly Hallows into a photo. I have no freaking idea how to incorporate all three into a photo. I'm completely stumped. Wish me luck. I need it. >_<

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