Thursday, April 30, 2015

Riot update! No not another band name... xD

The riots are proving to be slightly inconvenient. The mall is still closed. Our local Target is closed. The CVS we do go to is still standing, but did get looted. Funny how our news didn't report this. The corner stores were all looted. Some of downtown too, but the whole city isn't in ruins yet. Sorry news folks.

My dad went back to work today, but they put him in a different place that's actually a lot nicer than his usual spot. Don't know whats going happen with that stupid supervisor though. Couldn't even get him on the phone today. smh

As for protesting, I'm completely ok with that. I don't like going into politics on this blog, but I hope justice is served.

B/w my mayor is also still an idiot and if our ex-governor thinks he's going be president....bwhahahahahaha GTFO!

Anyway, I know other cites are protesting now, so say stay safe and don't do anything stupid like looting. ;)

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