Sunday, April 12, 2015

SIMSPIRATION CYCLE 1- Assignment 6 Scores

I'm in the finale!!!! :D

Vid "Spirit Animal" 97

Inspirational piece:

Dana says…
Quality: 10/10
Creativity: 10/10
Details: 10/10
Assignment: 10/10
Overall Image: 9.5/10
Total: 49.5/50
This is awesome Vid! I really love the idea and you were very creative! The styling, the setting, the wolves… they are all perfect! Honestly, I don’t see anything that I can really comment on, small things like the guy’s hair who was on the ground and stuff, but otherwise great job!! You’ve done an amazing job throughout the competition.

Taylor says…
Quality: 9/10
Creativity: 10/10
Details: 9/10
Assignment 10/10
Overall Image: 9.5/10
Total: 47.5/50
I really like this, Vid! I like the idea behind it. The styling is done well, as well as the effects like the blood. I like the whole spirit animal (hence your title) thing going on, with the man and the pack behind him. I only could nitpick a few things; the background and the wounded man’s hair. I wish the background had a little more to it, such as more color, or something to make it pop. The man’s hair is sticking up at an angle, yet he’s laying down. Just picky things, but good job overall!

Smexiness!!!!! Alan is so hot! *drools* Yes, this Alan of Alan and Alex, the twins. Either one can look like this, but I decided to give Alan the special makeover and feature him in this photo. His face and build fit the most out of my collection of men. :)

I wanted his styling to feel wild and wolf like basically. I really love the stock hair/plait I added onto his hair. :)

Anyway, this inspiration piece was really interesting. I didn't know what to think at first, but the artwork really grew on me. I was very much inspired by the wolf in this photo. I love wolves! They are my favorite animal besides things like dogs and kitties. I felt like the wolf in this photo was kind of a spirit animal and he's taking the warrior on his back to safety. I also felt like the red cape symbolized blood, but I end up using only a little bit of blood so that doesn't matter. xD

So I decided to make my photo about a warrior and his spirit animal in the midst of battle. I wanted a really heroic and manly picture this time.

I took the theme of the wolf and kept elements like the arrows and the color red.

I kept the setting simple as I didn't really think I needed a detailed setting for this. I still don't have pets installed, so I decided to use cc wolves. They're basically statues, but they look very realistic.

I wasn't sure about giving him a sword when I was going be using arrows too, but I kept it. The pose isn't for a sword at all, but I had a feeling it would work and it did! Was so happy!

As for editing, the plait, the arrows, and the blood are edited in. Then you got your boring stuff. I'm getting creepily good with editing blood in though. ;^_^

I think my only regret since they mentioned it is the dead guy's hair. I should chose something shorter or added some pieces in, so it wouldn't look floaty.

The Finale assignment is a video called "Premier Automne" or "First Fall." It's such a tragic and beautiful clip. You must watch. Very inspired by it. I'm going have to narrow down all my ideas into a photo, but I'm very excited about this one. It's the finale, so it's gotta be good!

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