Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Senior High Cycle 3: The Underworld Campus - A4 Scores

Kind of disappointed with 4th, but at least it's not last.

79 points - C+
Creep Factor: 5/5
Story Creativity: 6/10
Story Cohesion: 8/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 9/10
Overall Image Appeal: 9/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 4/5
Total: 41/50
This was very cool, Vid. I like Luna’s bubbly personality and she seems so eager to please – very nicely added into the stories by the way and very fitting for an orphan girl – I thought this was cute, but Mr. Shroom seems a little overly aggressive with Luna…is there something behind that? Lol I liked your story, but it did seem a little scattered, including things that weren’t really pivotal to the story, but overall, nicely done this round.

gnXaRvU.png Maggie
Creep Factor: 5/5
Story Creativity: 6/10
Story Cohesion: 7/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 8/10
Overall Image Appeal: 8/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 4/5
Total: 38/50
I really love how detailed your set is Vid! You have a lot going on and a lot of extras, but everything has a purpose! I like your story too, but it feels a little scattered. Overall a great entry!

From the looks of it I think my story pulled my scores down, but meh oh well.

I must admit it not the most creative class either, but nothing else came to mind. I was running out time and killing brain cells thinking about it. Soooo I just went with my first thought.

My first thought was gym and Luna's circus roots. The two fit together and I thought it was a fun idea. I still do. Read the story for the rest. I think it's quite obvious what's she's doing. Her gym teacher is not happy with her antics. xD

I styled everyone in the same school colored gym clothes. Everyone is wearing something different, but you can tell they're from the same school. I put Luna hair in bun, because I didn't want to deal with how it hung in the air and I didn't want it to get in the way of the rope. I gave one student/extra fin ears with funky merskin and one of the popular girls cool deer skin, which was fun. Overall though styling everyone was easy. Didn't have to put much thought into it.

I think I spent more time in CAS trying to think up mythical creatures more than anything.

The setting was the part that took time. I downloaded a gym set to pull it off. I refused to do bleachers again like last cycle (they were a pain), so I packed it with lots of athletic stuff. It turned out to be a pretty cool gym.

I love how this photo is angled and how Luna is still the focus way in the back.

The editing was definitely needed, because without it she would just be floating in the air. I took a risk putting all my trust in getting the rope right, but I did it. I think the rope looks awesome. Maybe a little unrealistic length wise, but it looks it like belongs. The rest of the editing was gltichy stuff and the fairy's wings. Her wings were cut out the pic and I needed her to look like a fairy, so I edited in wings.

The story is not my best. I put too many ideas in it in and should of deleted some stuff. lol It's not bad though, so have at it.

Making a friend has done wonders for my mood at school. I'm a lot more out-going now even if some people are still afraid of me. Tabitha is back to her normal self. Unfortunately, she isn't allowed to mumble spells or point anymore. Not after turning her aunt into a frog. I think she's still in trouble for that. She told me her mother was downright furious with her and it took them all night to change the poor thing back. She said that even now her aunt will stop in the midst of a conversation and get real fixated by any flies flying around. Her impression of her still cracks me up. She also isn't suppose to be hanging around me as her family thinks I'm a "bad influence", but I don't think she much listens to her family and I'm glad of that.

Tabitha even goes to gym now with me. She use to skip that class before we became friends. I would often see her sneaking out or giving Mr. Shroom a letter before shortly leaving. She doesn't like anything dealing with athletics I guess, but I quite enjoy it. I can safely say gym is my favorite class. The others classes are fine too, but those classes can be so boring sometimes and my butt falls asleep sitting in those hard chairs. When gym comes around I can let all my build up energy out! It's so much fun. If Tabs was hearing this she would probably roll her eyes, but I'm pretty sure she enjoys it a little now too now that we're friends. She doesn't participate much, but she likes to watch me from the side lines and yell at me when I do something embarrassing.

I don't think I'm embarrassing, but she tends to think I overdo it when we're in gym. Maybe I do a little as Mr.Shroom does get upset with me a lot. Scourge Shroom as a lot people like to call him is our gym teacher and he's a ogre. I thought he was a troll at first, but Bam the troll from before got really offended when she overheard me asking Tabs about it. She told me that ogres are a lot more meaner, greener, and hairier with pointy ears. They're even suppose to be bigger. I didn't really see much of a difference since he seems to be the same height as her, but she got really upset about me mixing up the two. I didn't dare ask Mr. Shroom about it or about his size. He already tells me I make his blood pressure go up. I think he took a disliking to me when I ran track one time. We were outside for gym the first few weeks after Halloween. It was strangely warm, so he let us run around a bit in the fresh air. I decided to join one of the races he set up that day and I ran really fast... on all fours. I never ran like that before, but ever since Halloween I been feeling a little bit differently and having strange dreams where I was running on all fours. It felt freeing, but I did feel a little embarrass I was acting like that in front of everyone. Mr. Shroom didn't like it either as he stopped the race immediately and told me to sit on the side as I was making a spectacle and cheating. I also somehow splashed mud on him and a few others, so I don't think he was too pleased anyway.

After that incident he pays a lot attention to me unfortunately, but a lot of my classmates to do too. The boys in my gym class especially. Boys don't usually pay any attention to me, so it's nice for a change to get noticed by them. Even if it's in a friendly or curious way. They ask me lots of questions about my abilities. Some of the questions can be really dumb while others can be really complex. I don't mind so much answering any of them. While a lot of the guys here are of course pretty weird looking, there are some pretty decent looking ones too. Some are even handsome.

Like today for example. A really handsome merboy or maybe merman asked me about the circus. His blue scaly skin was quite pretty to look at with his fin ears and white hair. Him and his elf friend had somehow found out about my circus roots. I told them about the circus freaks and the shows we put on. I told them about the things I learned there. They were quite eager to hear more about those skills, but we were interrupted by Keith who unfortunately was also in this class.

"Hello Luna." Keith grumbled sitting down on one of the benches.

"Oh he never greets anyone! He must like you Luna!" the elf boy said smirking.

Keith didn't seem to find that funny and shot him a dirty look. "No. She's not my type. Not at all" he said rolling his eyes. I took offense to it, but I was relieved.

"Well how about Tabby?" the merboy said pointing at her. She was on other side of the gym reading spell books at the time, so she didn't hear us I don't think.

That seemed to get Keith attention the most though. He looked up at the merboy, "So you're a mermaid right?"

"FOR THE LAST TIME I'M A MERMAN!" he screamed causing everyone in class to stare at us including Mr. Shroom, who was in a foul mood.

The ogre stomped over to where we were and ordered us to pick up all the balls off the court. He especially made Keith and the merboy pick up the most. After we did that he called all us over and pointed up toward the middle of the court at a rope. He told us that we would have to climb it and make it to the top without falling. I thought that was a rather easy task, but the others didn't seem too pleased about it. Tabitha especially. She whispered to me she had a note to get out of class today and asked me if I wanted to come join her in the library. I started to say yes as I felt a bit pressured about it, but the boys in my class began calling me excitedly.

"I don't know. Maybe after I climb the rope?" I told her feeling pressured from both sides.

"Fine. Go ahead. Just don't let them boys get you in trouble and don't let THEM make a fool out of you too." she said pointing. Before I could ask who she seemed to disappear out of thin air and I quickly turned around to see the "them" she was talking about.

"Hey, Luna. Nice legs. Very red and...um hairy." Brittney said smiling making her friend giggle. Brittney is one of the popular girls in school. She looks sort like a deer, but I'm not sure what she is really. She always likes to hang out with a fairy girl named Pixel. Tabitha doesn't talk about them very nice. She likes to call them a name I can't say right now. I must say they do make me a feel a bit uncomfortable.

"Um...thanks," I mumbled pulling my shorts down. I wasn't very comfortable showing my legs or arms in public, but I found shorts and short sleeve shirts more favorable in gym.

"Can you climb? I guess being a dog...oh I mean wolf you can," she said pulling out her cell phone to type something. I didn't like the dog part or her tone, so I quickly said "Yes I can" and hurried away from them.

"So Luna, can you climb that rope? You said you learned acrobats right?" the elf boy asked when I rejoined Keith and the boys. I had told them I had learned acrobats from an acrobat girl once. She had quit not long after being hired, but I learned enough to perform some of her tricks.

The boys were eager to see me perform those tricks I guess, but I wasn't really sure if that was appropriate now or if I should volunteer to be first. Luckily I wasn't first and I watched Keith climb. He didn't put much effort into it, so he slid down and gave up easily. Then my turn came and jumped on the rope with ease. I hung there for a second feeling the slippery texture of the rope. I was stronger than most of my classmates and my claws were perfect for hanging on, so I had a bit of advantage over some of them. The slippery texture didn't scare me. I began climbing as a few of my classmates cheered. The cheering made me nervous, but I felt excited as well. Before I knew it I was at the top and everyone clapped at my achievement. To my delight Mr. Shroom was even happy and told me to come down. He then turned around to write something in his grade book and I decided to use this chance to fool around a bit on the rope.

As they cheered me on I twirled around and wrapped myself up in the rope. I posed a couple times smiling and waving. The boys were jumping up and down in excitement. Brittney oddly began screaming something and pointing at her phone, but I was too happy to care. Then Mr. Shroom turned around and he began screaming at me in horror for me to get down. Tabitha also came back in time and she looked up at me with a dumbfounded expression. I unwrapped myself easily and slid down to safety.

Mr. Shroom was very angry with me. I never seen him turn a shade of red before. I didn't even know he could turn red. He ordered me to go to the dean office. I thought he was overreacting and being quite silly, but he seemed to be deadly serious. Tabitha offered to take me there and she seemed a bit upset as well.

"Are you nuts?! I know you're a werewolf and all, but you could of really hurt yourself." she said shaking her head. "And I told you not to make a fool of yourself or get in trouble. Now you're going be all over FrightBook!"

'Fright what?," I said feeling very confused.

"It's like facebook.....oh nevermind. I'll explain later...."

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