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Senior High Cycle 3: The Underworld Campus - A3 Scores

Assignment 3- BFFs
1st again. I would of had 2nd if it was for the extra credit bonus point I was randomly chosen for.

99 + 1 = 100 points - A+
JXONLv3.png Beech
Creep Factor: 5/5
Story Creativity: 9/10
Story Cohesion: 10/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 10/10
Overall Image Appeal: 10/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 5/5
Total: 49/50
This was cute. I liked that there was a lot going on and I liked seeing how Luna was going about figuring it out. She seems to be adapting to werewolf life quite well. I have to say I was a little confused with the story. I thought it was going to go in a completely different direction than it did…why was Tabitha so mean to Luna all of a sudden and why did Keith say Tabitha was bad news? Those things weren’t really answered…unless Tabitha was being mean because she didn’t want Luna to go to her party…I suppose.

gnXaRvU.png Maggie
Creep Factor: 5/5
Story Creativity: 10/10
Story Cohesion: 10/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 10/10
Overall Image Appeal: 10/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 5/5
Total: 50/50
I love it Vid!! I love the perspective you’ve given Luna, she seems so sweet and timid, which is totally unlike what you’d expect a werewolf to be. I was bummed when reading to find out Tabs had been distant, and happy to find out she was ok, just busy. I really love the story you’ve got going here and I can’t wait to hear more! Your picture was perfect too, really detailed set, and you have all the characters you’ve mentioned in your story! I love!!

This was so last minute. It doesn't look it at all, but it was. I'm amazed I got so much done in such a short time. It usually takes me forever to do photos like this, but it took me a day and a half basically. The idea didn't even come to me till last minute. I had to get an extension, because my brain was drawing such a big ol blank.

The assignment was to show who Luna's best friend was and show them during event or an adventure. I knew Luna's closes friend should be Tabitha, but I wasn't sure what to do for the event or adventure part. So I thought and thought till smoke came out of my ears. Then I watched Harry Potter and an idea came to me.

I decided it would be more interesting to put Luna in Tabitha's world and go from there. What can go wrong with a house full of witches anyway? ;)

I saved a lot time not looking for poses I guess. A lot of these poses were already in my collection. Got lucky with the frog one though. I never used that one before. Was freaking perfect!

Styling took up most the time. I dressed Luna and Tabitha the fastest. Their outfits were easy. Tabs' relatives took the longest and I did them the night before. I made sure to keep their outfits whimsical, but vintage.

The frog head was an experiment that worked out wonderfully. I had seen the frog head in CAS with the unlockoutfit cheat and decided to take a chance with it. I've been wanting an excuse to use it. She did have a gaping hole/bald spot in the middle of her head, but I fixed that in editing. I'm sure it's a way to fix it in-game, but I didn't have time for all that. lol  B/w I was very impressed the frog head eyes moved when I posed her. That was cool!

The setting was based on the dinning hall in Harry Potter. I went with dark colors and used a lot interesting decor. I like how the contrasts makes the models pop. I wanted the table to have more stuff on it, but I didn't want to make a mistake in editing and put something there that looked awful. I've done that before, so I learned my lesson.

Didn't have to do much editing, which was a relief. I edited the wine glasses, put a wand on the table, added the sparkles at Tabs' hand, put a flame in the witch's hand in the back, and fixed the frog head of course. Then I did my usual sharpening, lighting, and tenting stuff.

Overall, this assignment was Harry Potter mixed with my own experience of crazy family dinners. It also was a simming miracle. Read the story for the rest. xD

The next assignment is show Luna in her favorite class. I did it already. I was cutting it close, but I made it in time without using another extension. Will have scores for that soon. :P

Making friends still hasn't been easy and it gotten even worse since that nightmarish Halloween. I guess one of my three companions that night babbled about what happened, because I've overheard several conversations consisting of my name, the word "transformation", and the word "monster" all in the same sentence. People won't even look me in the eye now. I even had one student hold up a holy cross to my face, but they were quickly reminded by another that stuff like that only works for vampires. It was really ridiculous, but I guess they have every right to be scared. I scare myself now. I always wondered what the heck I was, but I never imagined I would be something as terrible and scary as a werewolf.

One good thing that came out of this was my friend Tabs aka. Tabitha. I'm so thankful she was there to give me her hoodie to cover up. She even walked me home that morning. We talked for a bit, but I mostly listened to her talk excitedly about what I did when I was in my "wolf form." She told she had never seen a real werewolf up close. I told her I never either and didn't even I know I was one. She looked at me puzzled and stayed silent for awhile after I told her that, but she offered to help me when we got close to home. She said had an abundance of books at home about my kind.

Now she gives me a new book every morning at school. I read them in between study hall and lunch. She even sits with me doing these times. Sometime she reads it with me over my shoulder and sometimes she mumbles spells under her breath. She likes pointing her finger when saying spells. She does it a lot. Especially if someone makes her angry. She'll point a finger right at them and say a spell real loud, but nothing ever happens. Well teachers get real upset with her and some students run away in fear, but that's about it. I hate to admit it, but I find those moments to be funny. I think she does it on purpose to make me laugh sometimes.

After few weeks, I began to notice her acting strangely. She didn't bring me a new book. She didn't really say hello. She even began avoiding me and skipping class. I felt horribly lonely doing those days. When I did catch up with her I asked her if there was something wrong, but she refused to speak to me. I could tell she hadn't become scared of me like the others, so I figured it must be something else bothering her. I watched her ride off on her bike after school. I wanted to follow her, but I didn't know how I could do it without looking like a creep. So I waited and decided I would use my super smelling senses and visit her. Yes, a fun perk about being a werewolf is heighten senses. I can see in the dark almost as if it's day, I can see the smallest things miles away, I can hear everything including the whispers at school, and I can smell the lightest of scents from anything. From a hoodie especially. I never gave her back her hoodie or her books, so I decided I would track her down using these things. I just needed a good whiff.

I waited for the weekend to do this, so I wouldn't look so suspicious. It took me only minutes to sniff out her scent and follow it to her street. When I got there Keith happened to be standing in my way. I had forgot he lived on this street too. He didn't seem to be alarmed or afraid of me. He looked quite calm considering the last time we talked and he nodded acknowledging me.

"I'm not speaking to you!" I said pouting.

"I don't care," he replied nonchalantly. Then he said something very strange. "Be careful of Tabitha. She's bad news."

"You're bad news!" I screamed at him as I pushed pass him. I then heard him talking to someone else as I walked away. I think it was Lenny. I could hear him saying something about Keith falling on his butt on Halloween night when he saw me transform. He was also laughing I think. I don't know what else was said, but the next thing I heard was Lenny yelling in pain and Keith yelling "shut up!"

I thought about turning back as I felt creepy going to her house now, but I didn't want to run into Keith again. I picked up the scent instantly and found myself on Tabitha's door step. Before I could knock or even make my clothes neat, the door opened and I was welcomed by a tall woman who looked a lot like her at the door. I thought it was her for a second, but the tips of her hair were grey and she looked a lot older the more I looked at her. She also spoke with a slight accent. Her first words to me was "Who are you wolf girl? What do you want with my family?" I shuttered a bit at the tone of her voice. She sounded quite scary and I looked down, because I'm sure her facial expression matched. I don't remember what I said exactly, but I think I managed to say something like "I need to return her books and this hoodie." All I remember her pushing me towards the door and calling Tabitha's name. I stepped inside and began gasping in amazement immediately.

On the outside, her house looked quite average and not much different from the other houses on the block. On the inside it look like a beautiful mansion. "Is this real?" I caught myself saying out loud. "Yes. It is with magic," the woman answered me sounding slightly annoyed. "Now go in there and you're find the dinning room. We're about to cut the cake".

I liked the sound of cake, but I wasn't sure if I wanted any after such a greeting. Tabitha's shocked face met mines when I reached the dinning room. I was more shocked by her clothes. She was dressed in a white gown with flowers on her head. I hugged her and she didn't seem too upset then, but more confused and worried. "What are you doing here? How you find my house?" she said sitting down at a large dinning table. I started to answer, but another witch or maybe I should say woman interrupted us.

"I want my plate now, so I can be on my way! Where is your mother? Who are you? What are you?" she loudly said while looking at the both of us. She ordered me to sit down to the seat next to her splitting me and Tabs up. An much older male witch or I should say warlock sat across from us. He looked at me and smiled.

"How nice. We have a guest for your birthday I see. It's nice to see you with a friend. I was beginning to worry." he chuckled making Tabs roll her eyes.

"It's your birthday?! Why didn't you tell me. I could I got you a present." I whispered stretching to see Tabs and trying my best not to disturb the woman.

"Yes it is. Unfortunately. Well I shouldn't say unfortunately for the whole thing, but for this mess. I've been dreading this.," she whispered back gesturing to the party. "The only good thing I get out of this is a wand and some new powers."

While this conversation was going on the warlock was staring at me the whole time. He seemed quite fascinated by me. Then he began speaking about the old days to us interrupting our conversation and he said something that made us both jump out of our skin.

"You know we use to hunt werewolves in my time? I think we even had the head of one on the wall over there sometime ago. It's nice to see you folk become more civilized." he said nodding at me. I looked at him in shock and Tabs practically jumped out her of seat screaming" Grandfather!!!!! Don't say that!"

She put her hands on her face and shook her head in disgust. Then the woman beside us seem to awaken from her trance/huff and looked at me with the most disgusted face. "A werewolf? This vile thing is a werewolf? You let this filthy creature set foot into your house on your birth and wand day?" The witch then waved her finger in my face and all I could do was stare. Then Tab arose from her seat with her face filled with rage and she said a spell. "Ribbitos! " She pointed her finger like she always did, but this time something happened. Something my eyes couldn't believe. With a poof the witch's head became the head of a frog!

The witch screamed or maybe ribbited? Regardless, she was making the most horrible noise. We looked at her and than back each other. Tabitha looked just as bewildered as me. The warlock simply smiled and jokingly said, "Well at least she looks better now. Will talk less too." We looked at him, then back at each other, and we began laughing wildly. The party only got worse from there as two other witches behind us began fighting.

"Those two in the back are my step-father and my youngest aunt. Don't worry they won't kill each other....yet. Then you got my grandfather here and this is my aunt right here. The frog. If you find a fly, feed it to her " she said smiling and then we began laughing again. Tabitha abruptly stopped after a few minutes and I looked over to see the woman from before. I was sure she was Tabitha's mother at that moment, because Tabs' face looked horrified. I was told to let myself out then and I met Tabs at the door. She didn't look happy, but she managed to smile and she apologized for everything. "You're not filthy or vile by the way," she added before closing the door. I didn't hear back from her the rest of the weekend. I can only imagine what type of punishment one gets when they turn their aunt into a frog. I'm sure she'll tell me when we get back to school and she'll show me her new powers. Maybe we're celebrate her birthday too. It's really nice having a friend.

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