Tuesday, April 28, 2015

*sigh* With the current news, I guess it's time for a ME update...

Well I would like you to know despite the stupid Baltimore riots, I'm perfectly fine. Most of the crap happened in places I wouldn't be caught dead at. I do go to the mall that was looted, but I rarely find anything good there anyway. I don't even bother going to the Gamestop in the mall, because it sucks. I'm sure they'll clean it just fine. The news keeps acting like the stores that were looted are only stores we have though and they are not. We have much better CVS located not too far from us that my grandmother goes to, we have better malls farther out, and they're plenty stores that aren't burned or looted. I'm tired of people thinking we're burned the whole city down and we're all suffering. Maybe some of us will need to drive a little farther now to get to stores we want, but it's not as bad as the news is making it.

I do feel bad for the store owners and even some of the idiot police who were hurt. I also feel sorry for those who do rely on the stores that were affected too. It's just a shame all around. None of this would even been happening if the police wouldn't rough up people so much and if our dumbass mayor hadn't hid like a coward through most of it. Now the national guard is here all f'ing late. It just a big ball of embarrassment and mess. I'll be glad when the media leaves and I don't have to hear helicopters all f'ind day.

Was pretty insane to watch people running out the mall with clothes and bags of stuff though. Never seen sh*t like that in my life. My uncle who decided to watch from afar said he saw people were coming out of there with jewelry and all kinds of crap. Was f'ing nuts! Most of those looters were dumbass high schoolers and thugs who have nothing else to do, because the city has nothing worth doing sadly. Still no excuse, but I still feel like a lot these people wouldn't be doing half the stuff they do if they had more jobs and more opportunities. 

Anyway, I think the only person effected was my dad and that's because he's a guard at the bank at the mall I spoke of. He was off yesterday and he's off again today, because they had to close everything. His new supervisor didn't seem to get that memo though, because he went nuts on my dad this morning. First he told him to go in the looted mall that was obviously closed to the public and then he had him go through construction to get in front of camera for confirmation he was there. Then he told him to go to another mall that was closed. His supervisor is a f'ind moron! I hope he doesn't fire him or give him trouble tomorrow, because things did get heated. With how things are going though, I can't see them opening the mall or any other banks. 

As for me, I'm fine...I guess. I was suppose to get my hair done yesterday, but I'm hiding. lol I'm somewhat job hunting. I don't know if it's wise to get a job now with my health issues. I've done better job than my doctors diagnosing my issues. I don't want to say what it is, because it involves some personal crap that I'm sure guys would rather not hear. I'll just say it's a hormone disorder. It has caused me depressed a lot lately at times. Yes, severely depressed to the point I'm crying non-stop sometimes and I will even get super angry out of the blue. I'm not going do anything stupid, so don't worry. It just takes a lot of me when it happens and it hasn't gotten better. Maybe worse. I told my doctor about this, but she downplayed it and laughed it off as it being normal woman crap. She did tell me to exercise and change my diet, but it doesn't make lick of difference. I almost feel like they don't give sh*t. It's infuriating. I can only imagine going through this in a job setting though. It only takes a small amount stress and timing to trigger it. *sigh* It hard for me to admit that. I sound like I'm f'ing nuts, but it is what it is. I think it's partly why my K-mart job became too much for me. 

Speaking of THAT K-mart, it went out of business. I found they were closing around the end of last year. They just closed a few months ago actually. I was going mention it, but I never got around to it. Kind of funny, because I feel like it's karma getting back at them for the nasty way they treat their employees. I guess I got out at the right time. I won't miss it. I'm hoping Wal-mart replaces it, so we don't have to drive ten thousands miles to go to Wal-mart. I think they will be fazing out all the K-marts soon. Sears is even in trouble here.

Hmmm...I think I'm done. My family is fine. The news is still milking the riots, but everything is pretty ok for the most part. I plan on getting back to the doctors soon. Hopefully they actually take me serious this time.

Edit: I'm perfectly fine with the protesting b/w. Along it's not violent or an excuse to steal.

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