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Walking Dead Season 5 Finale Thoughts

Spoiler alert! Spoilers ahead! Don't pass go, go directly to jail...oh wait no that's not it. Season 5 spoilers after the jump.

Season 5 is officially over! Woo! Now if you have not listen to my spoiler warnings yet you have till 5 to leave now! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.....

The season 5 finale was interesting, but I got say I felt a bit disappointed and hollow after watching it. It had action, but it almost had too much action. Too many things were going on. It felt rush even with the extra 30 mins. All the jumping around to Rick, to Glen, to Sasha, to Daryl, and then the Wolves hurt my head. So I think I'll break this up by character since I miss talking about the previous ep too.

Rick- *roll eyes and sighs* I'm so over the whole Jessie and the abusive husband crap. They made him look like Shane 2.0 as I predicted, but made him justifiable with tired old damsel in distress with abusive hubby BS. No, I don't care if her husband was a drunken monster. Rick dumbass didn't need to get that freaking involved or nuts over it. He basically threw all his cards on table, his sanity out the window, and the safety of his family to dust for a woman he barely knew. I know Rick is suppose to be traumatized from being out on the road too long, but FFS don't make him a freaking moronic psycho! Yes it's nice Rick saved Jessie from abuse, but he just could went about it a different way and I personally think he would have if the writers weren't so determined to make this drama/subplot a big thing on the show. Then add the lovely ulterior motive of wanting Jessie for himself into his craziness and you still have yourself Shane 2.0. I'm sort of pissed about it. I want Rick to be the moral compass now. Not Morgan. (Will get to him in a min.)

As for him shooting douche bag husband, yay and nay as I wasn't really impressed by that either. Now Rick is a hero in Deanna's eyes, because douche husband just happened to kill her husband and now Rick gets to say "I told you so" basically? Yeah whatever writers. I don't care how much they try to justify Rick and Jessie's relationship or Rick's craziness. He is forever tarnished in my eyes.

For fun, they should bring Shane back as a ghost to smirk and say "Well well who's going after married woman now?" or maybe something like "Now we're the same!" with evil laughter following.

I will forever root for Rick, but I really hate the things they do with his character.

I also hate how he manages to get beat up every finale. He's a cop and everybody and their mom can beat the crap out of him! Can he have a clean unhurt face for once?

Deanna- I don't like her that much. She's condescending and just f'ing stupid. She knew Jessie's husband was abusive, but she let it go on? WTF? You could of least separated them or council them or told them they either stop or get kicked out. Then it took Rick a newbie of the town for something to happened? Something about that just seems so stupid and unrealistic. B/w how did douche husband get alcohol anyway? Did he bring a lifetime supply with him?

Jessie- Is she's going be Rick's girlfriend now? I swear I'm going be so pissed if they become a couple. I'm already pissed about how it happened. As for her hubby, it took Rick for you to wise up and leave?!

Glenn and Nicholas- Another TWD subplot that is pissing me off. GLENN, WHY DIDN'T YOU KILL NICHOLAS?!!!! OMG! That bastard should be dead. He tried to kill Glenn twice and this dummy lets him live? What an idiot! I know he's suppose to be the nice guy, but FFS he could at least shot the dude in the legs or beat him to unconsciousness and left him there to fend for himself. Heck, did they even go back to Glenn in the woods? They jumped around so much, I forgot about them. Maybe Glenn got bit. I wouldn't of mind if he had. Would of been more exciting then the two random finale deaths.

Sasha- *sighhhhhhhh* She's so whiny and annoying. I wanted her to bury herself with the walkers. I think the only thing good she did was point a gun at Father Gabriel. That was a really good scene and great acting.

Father Gabriel- This asshole sill alive? WHY? I wanted him to die on the finale. Why is he still alive? He's a whinny dirt bag! When he left the gate open I wanted to punch him. If they still trying to redeem his character, he's done. Stick a folk in him. The world f'ing hates him. Die already FG!

B/w, he is the only man in the entire universe that can wear a white shirt in the zombie apocalypse and not get a speck of blood on it even when killing a zombie. I can't even wear a white shirt and eat spaghetti without getting a speck on it!

Michonne- Zzzzzzzz. Why did douche husband pick your sword out of all the weapons? I don't know. Next.

Carl and the loner girl- Aww Carl is in love? How cute. Zzzzzzz. Next.

Maggie- Why wouldn't she tell Rick & co. about Father Gabriel? Really TWD writers?! First she doesn't mention her sister and now this?

Carol- I love her sometimes, but sometimes she get on my nerves too. The whole fixation she has with Jessie and Rick is getting on my nerves. She reminded me of Lori almost with how she manipulated everything.

Daryl and Aaron- Daryl and Arron sitting in the tree K.I.S...oh nevermind. lol They spending an awful a lot time together. Anyway, how the hell did they not hear the zombies inside the trucks?!

Abraham- I'm glad him and Eugene made up. Rosita knocking over stuff to wake Eugene was funny. Abe also said my favorite line of the finale: "Simply put, there is a vast ocean of shit that you people don't know shit about. Rick knows every fine grain of said shit. And then some."

The zombie kills- I can put up with most of the silly zombie kills, because their entertaining. I just can't get over how Glenn managed to push off a pile of them with a hurt shoulder or how Rick crushed one with his bare hands or how Daryl killed more than one with just a whip of a chain. The chain one did look cool, but ehhhh it was kind of too silly.

Morgan- Saving Daryl and Aaron was convenient, but I was happy with most his scenes. The stick fighting scene was especially cool. I just don't like how he's treating every life including the ones who are threats as "precious". Sounds like he's going be our new moral compass and you know what happens to those type. *cough cough* Dale....Hershel.....Tyrese....all dead *cough cough* I much rather Rick was the moral compass and they let Morgan be a badass. If they make Morgan another Tyrese, I swear I'm going be furious!

Anyway, I was giddy when him and Daryl were face to face for the first time. Then I was even more giddy when he met up with Rick. Too bad him and Rick reunion was so awkward. >_<

The Wolves- They remind me of Claimer Joe's crew and that's not really creative or interesting to me. Been there. Done that. The W's on their heads also look stupid. Putting W's on walkers was a nice touch, but their own heads? Way to stick out! I hope they don't end up as some short-lived villains just to move the plot along.

The Finale Deaths- Zzzzz who cares about Deanna's husband or Jessie's hubby. I was given the impression the finale would be a blood bath, so I was a little disappointed. With all the jumping around I wouldn't of mind if they had thinned out the heard a little.

The Finale Overall- It felt more like a mid-season finale. I was left with more questions than answers. It was kind of disappointing. All the jumping to sub-plot to sub-plot in one ep was disorienting too.

I think that's it.

As usual....

Stuff I'm wanting to see for Season 6
-Rick getting back to the core of his character and not making stupid rash decisions
-The ghost of Shane for giggles xD
-Jessie getting killed or turning down Rick
-Rick taking over Alexandria
-Glenn grows a pair and kills Nicholas
-Sasha comes to her senses
-Father Gabriel dies a horrible death
-Michonne stops being a bore and come to her senses
-Maggie tells Rick & co. about Father Gabriel FFS!
-More Morgan, but not as the moral compass of the show
-More about the Wolves.
-Who did Deanna exile and why?
-What's up with the loner girl?
-More 30 mins shows, but less rushing and jumping around

Stuff I'm predicting for Season 6
-Rick romances Jessie *rolls eyes*
-Carl gets his own romance *rolls eyes
-Rick trains the Alexadrians or whatever you call them
-Glenn is bit or badly hurt. Nicholas lives to cause another death.*sigh*
-Sasha gets killed or kills herself at some point
-Father Gabriel gets another chance to redeem himself *rolls eyes*
-Michonne began acting like Michonne again
-Maggie tells everyone about Father Gabriel all late
-Carol continues to play the nice housewife role till it's time to kick butt
-Aaron's boyfriend gets killed
-Morgan become Tyrese 2 (gawd I hope not)
-The Wolves end up being just short-lived villains to move the plot along

I really hope TWD gets better. With the horrible hospital arch and this less than stellar finale, this season hasn't been the greatest. Season 6 better be amazing!

In the meantime I'll be watching Game of Thrones and The Returned. I think Resurrection got cancelled, so The Returned is a good replacement. Resurrection was starting to get stupid anyway, so I don't mind. The Strain should be coming back too soon hopefully.

As for the TWD spinoff: Fear The Walking Dead, I'll watch that too I guess. Not too thrilled about it though. It's going be a bit confusing. Spinoffs should be after the original show is gone you know? Plus the name is stupid as hell. It had to take them 5 seconds to think of that dumbness!

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