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I won!!!! I actually won!!!!

Vid "Clinging to Life" 146.5
Inspirational piece:

Dana says…
Quality: 9.5/10
Creativity: 10/10
Details: 10/10
Assignment: 10/10
Overall Image: 9.5/10
Total: 49/50
This is beautiful Vid! I LOVE the story behind the photo, I LOVE the creativity and I LOVE how you went with a poem instead. This is just perfect! You’ve been an amazing contestant and produced AMAZING pieces throughout! Great job! :)

Taylor says…
Quality: 9/10
Creativity: 9.5/10
Details: 10/10
Assignment 10/10
Overall Image: 10/10
Total: 48.5/50
This is amazing, Vid! You brought your A-Game for sure! Not gonna lie, your extra made me cry a bit, it was so sad, but very creative! I like how you brought emotion into the picture with it. That being said, I like the picture! I like the whole “two scenes” going on. I can’t really find much to complain about. You did great!

Jillie says…
Quality 9 /10
Creativity 10/10
Detail 10/10
Assignment 10/10
Overall image 10/10
Total: 49/50
First of all I want to say how much I am in love with your interpretation. It fits so nicely to give a different and very realistic perspective on the film. I love the small added details that you placed so nicely in the picture. My eyes went right to the puppy on the present and I instantly smiled at the smallest connection. The little white feathers floating behind him, as if falling from his angel wings (or at least that's how I took it!), another great touch as well. There is something about your settings that are just too perfect and this is no different. A really stunning photo accompanied by a beautifully written poem! Well done and good luck!

It's kind of self-explanatory, but I'll ramble about it. 

I was inspired by the video of course, but my own views on death as well. The theme of life and death in the video really spoke to me. I had an idea almost instantly, so it didn't take me long to figure it all out.

I decided to go with the idea of two lovers meeting for one last time as one is being spirited away and the other is fighting for their life.

I wanted the guy to look ghostly, but I didn't want to use a ghost with them being see-through and all. I decided to go with a more blueish-white color skin tone. Then for my female, I kept things simple with the hospital gown and simple hair. 

The setting took me longer than expected, because MTS was down and I had to wait for it to come back. They are the only ones with a hospital set it seems. >_< When I did get everything downloaded from there it took me only a matter of mins to build it. 

I did manage to add a fun little easter egg in there that reference the video. I purposely used the puppy gift box to link with the puppies. ;)

As for the feathers, they do symbolize wings. I didn't want to cover the kid up in the back with bulky wings and I wanted to do something different from typical angel wings anyway, so I came up with the idea of just having feathers and subtle effects to represent him being an angel. 

I did quite a bit of editing overall though. I used some new filters and tints. Added some bruising and bandages. Then I didn't originally want the background to be blurred, but it looked too busy without the blurriness. Sooooooo I had to get creative and blur it without blurring the couple since it was all done in-game. I don't feel like explaining, but it involves two layers and lots of erasing around the them. I'm shocked it worked.

As for the thing that drove me nuts, I gotta give it to the kid in the room. I put him in a sitting pose, but the pose was too high. I had to use omsp (whatever it's called) and lower him. To keep a story short, it involved a basement, lighting in the basement, and lots of patience. I also left out an extra/friend, because she was in the way and didn't fit. 

Now for the writing part. We were allowed to write something with it being the finale. I was incredibly bored with the idea of writing this as a story at the time. I thought with this being such a creative thought provoking comp that I could get away with writing a poem instead. I've been dying to write one, so this gave me a excuse. lol I haven't wrote a poem for a entry since Gothique! I definitely felt rusty writing it.

Now enough talking. Here's my poem and my last entry for this comp. Enjoy!
I was clinging to life
Clinging to the thought of love.
He was my savior. He was my d.rug.

I was clinging to life when his heart stopped.
Speeding down the highway without a thought.
Drunk and high off our love. We didn't see the car that came for us.

I was clinging to life when they took him away.
The wails and cries could be heard for days.
I couldn't cry. I couldn't wake. Alive with my heartbreak.

I was clinging to death.
I saw his image. I saw his ghost. I saw the man I love the most.

He shunned me away, but I clanged to him.
Nothing could break us apart I said to him.
But he didn't smile. He didn't laugh. He told me this was bad.

He pointed to my body. A lifeless shell.
He pointed to my family going though h....e...l....l.

I was in a world that I didn't belong.
He was cold. I was warm.
He was dead and I was alive.
Nothing could bring him back to life.

So I clanged to the pulse I still had.
The beat of my heart that was to last.
I clanged to it's sound and thought of his.
Our hearts forever bounded even when dead.
In my heart he will forever live.

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