Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hello my name is Vid and I'm a Grand Theft Auto addict now, so thanks PS4.

I don't know what happen to me. I hadn't played the game since X-mas and then boom I started playing everyday non-stop 2 weeks ago! Why is this happening to me? I complained about how stereotypical and vulgar it was. I complained about not being able to play a female character. Now I can't help, but love them and giggle at the stupid stuff they say. I even want to know what's going happen next and I do the missions like a good little player without trying to cheat. I even know the characters names. Micheal, Franklin,...Trevor!  I need help. Someone help me. This game is the complete opposite of what I like and it sucked me in. Ahhh make it stop!

So yeah that's where I've been doing the day. Running around doing missions, buying clothes, driving like a madman..er woman and shooting people in this crazy virtual world. It's f'ing fantastic! Well that and the dwindling pile of comps.

The game was annoying to me at the beginning with Franklin. I was getting super tired of hearing N-word this and N-word that, but he's not as bad now with Micheal entering the picture. With more Micheal and less Lamar, I like Franklin ok. Michael though is my favorite character. His family cracks me up! His daughter is a hot mess, his wife is horrible, and his son is equally crazy! I love them! As for Trevor, I'm not too sure about him just yet. I did his first few mission, but that's it. I got to play him more. He may become my 2nd favorite character. He's f'ing insane!

As for anything else, I got Mortal Kombat X. I pre-ordered it and I get to download Goro! I'm still trying to get wifi working in my house, but I got time to get that straighten out and download him. Unfortunately like EA and so many other money grubbing companies, they have a store and they're going make me pay for stuff like characters soon. I miss the days where they gave you a complete game.

I'm also sitting farther from the tv screen now when I play PS4. So far I haven't got sick playing GTA5. *knocks on wood*

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