Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rebel Modeling: Princess Edition- Assignment 7 Scores


Rebellious Elsa with magic
Only 4 people left, so I was second to last. I thought I would be last, so I did better than I thought I would I guess. xD
45 points
Creativity: 7/10
Setting/Background: 10/10
Rebel Princess: 5/10
Total: 22/30
This is very pretty. Your setting is perfect, the coloring of Elsa’s dress is perfect, and her hair is perfect. I’m not getting any kind of rebellion from this image, though. I see what you meant by her being kind of uppity, but she’s not really doing anything…unless she’s kind of destroying the scenery?

Creativity: 7/10
Setting/Background: 10/10
Rebel Princess: 6/10
Total: 23/30
I think this is really pretty, Vid! I love your setting, as usual, and I think you did an amazing job with the magical abilities. It looks great! I’m just not seeing any rebellion here, and that’s my biggest problem! The people look scared of her, but to me it almost looks as if she’s just doing a street magic show and people are reacting the wrong way, lol :P I really like the picture and I love her styling and everything, but it’s just that!

I had no ideas what so ever this round and never really got one I liked. I ended up rushing and throwing together this.

The semblance of an idea was a rich and entitled Elsa. She destroyed the snowman in the back, because she didn't like the look of it and froze the mother for daring to yell at her. Then she sent a guy flying into the frozen pound. It was the only thing I could think of when incorporating her powers. I ran out of time too, so there wasn't much I else I could do. I had to do it or dropout. 

I wanted her styling to be a mixture of her original look and Cruella De Vil. Didn't really convey that, but I tried. lol

There was a lot of editing, but most of that is magic stuff. The purse and the ice is the only other thing.

I kept the setting simple, because I didn't even have an idea for a setting. Thank goodness for Seasons though.

Not much else to say. I did my best. Frozen is not my thing. I thought maybe Elsa would inspire me more than Anna, but I did worse this round :/

The next assignment is Aurora and I have no freaking clue what to do. I barely remember sleeping beauty. I don't know why, but I don't. *cries*

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