Friday, May 1, 2015

Alternative Simming- Assignment 4 Scores

Enough riot stuff. Sorry for the wait. The host had some rl issues to deal with and just got back with us with scores.

Second Place
Vid with Violet
I got 2nd, but I can tell they weren't fans of it. >_<

Overall image 8/10
Alternative Quality 7/10
Assignment 9/10
Creativity 9/10
Styling 8/10
I love the background you used, it's very creative and I like how it's done in game. I feel like it's too bright though, instead of gold/yellow tones I would have used something more bronze. I like her outfit but I'm not fond of the colours, love the hat though. There needs to be more elements of goth too, her makeup and that plum are the only gothic things in this picture. Also not really a fan of the pose but overall it's a good picture.

Overall image 8/10
Alternative Quality 7/10
Assignment 6/10
Creativity 8.5/10
Styling 7/10
Vid, I love the background you created for this and all the details you added to it. Everytime I look at the picture I spot something new. I'm not too crazy about the outfit you chose, due to the lighting, it gives the clothes an almost plastic look (the white streak going from the chest down). I also don't see any gothic elements, which was a big requirement for this photo. This is a very bright and airy steampunk photo. Steampunk gothic should have a nice blend of the two, dark colors and background, skulls, lace.

Overall image 7/10
Alternative Quality 6/10
Assignment 7/10
Creativity 8/10
Styling 5/10
+2 Bec's pick
I'm not sure if I like this picture or not, Vid. Whilst the background is steampunk, it is too busy and draws attention away from your model. I like the tophat you chose but the styling here is lacking, I think the outfit would have looked better if it didn't look so 2D, which I know it's hard to achieve in game, but it's possible. Like my other judges, I agree that there's not much gothic element to this. You produce amazing pictures, but I think this one missed the mark for me.

I was having trouble finding stuff for this photo and I had originally shot this as a complete body shot not knowing it had to be 3/4 of one, so it was kind of destined to disappoint. Mad at myself for that.

I got too caught up with trying to make it steam punk too and I was blind to the lack of gothicness I guess. I feel like steampunk is gothic all on it's own though, but maybe not.

The styling was a pain, because I couldn't find a outfit that satisfied me. I didn't want to do brown and white like most did, so I chose green. The outfit would of probably look better father away in bodyshot. I did find the cool gear hat and some other steampunk stuff I didn't use, so that's something.

I'm not crazy about the pose. I couldn't settle on one and not reading those damn requirements f'd up everything anyway.

The setting was hard and a pain, so I didn't want to do it over when I had to redo it a 3/4 shot. It's definitely too busy now that I look at it though. I think I would of done better not doing this one in-game.

It's not a bad picture overall, but it's not my best. Plus I should of just read the requirements over again and made sure I was following them. That would of saved me so much time and patience.

The next assignment is to style my model with black eyes and make that somewhat the focus with makeup and accessories. I did it already and I'm very happy with it. Hopefully they're happy with it too.

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