Sunday, May 17, 2015

Senior High Cycle 3: The Underworld Campus - A6 Scores

I'm cool with 3rd. :P

93 points
Extra Credit: 4 Bonus Points
97 points
Creep Factor: 5/5
Story Creativity: 7/10
Story Cohesion: 10/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 10/10
Overall Image Appeal: 9/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 4/5
Total: 45/50
I love Luna and you have made the internal struggle with her other half apparent in every assignment in the most creative ways. Now, I said this was a little break from the typical storytelling, but part of me wished you had still done something a bit more creative with your story. This was very explanatory – which is fine – but not typical. I know you have the ability to tie in something simple (like painting a self portrait) in with a creative storytelling setup. I adore your picture and Luna’s expression with the wolf. I wish I had found that tent for my Drama assignment >.<

gnXaRvU.png Maggie
Creep Factor: 5/5
Story Creativity: 10/10
Story Cohesion: 10/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 10/10
Overall Image Appeal: 8/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 5/5
Total: 48/50
Oh I just love Luna, she is a great character, and I love how she wants to feel good but knows there is also something bad about her. I love your story, and I love your photo to go with it. I think you nailed this assignment, and your story was one of my favorites this round!

I keep losing my inspiration and ideas for this comp. I don't know why since I love it.

Anywhooo, this assignment required us to get all artsy and create a self-portrait for our models that reflect their views of themselves. Does that make sense?

I like this assignment and was super confident when I saw it, but then my lovey crappy health issues decided to kick in and I was in a funk/fog. So I had to drag myself out of it and think of a good idea.

Beech wasn't entirely happy about me having two different version her in my original idea, so I decided to show her with an actual wolf rather than her wolf side. Made more sense anyway since I'm pretty sure she wouldn't know how she would look as a werewolf yet. I also got really creative and decided to make the wolf bigger with the resizer thingy.

Then came the setting. I think I struggled the most trying to think of a setting. It was only after looking at my previous photos for this I decided it would make a lot of sense to bring it back to the circus. Once I got the circus theme down, I thought about how fun it would be to make it darker/twisted to reflect her views on the world. That's when it came together.

The pose and the lantern aren't meant for each other, but I tested them out together and it was perfect. The styling was easy peasy. Everything went smoothly from there.

I think the only thing that needed work was my story. I rushed to get it done and I was scared to go too overboard with it.

As for editing, the moon and various twisted details are mostly edited.

The next assignment is to have Luna find a special someone and then put them in compromising situation. I got some ideas, but I'm drawing a blank with the setting and the circumstances. Starting not to feel well again, which may be why. Wish me luck.


Mrs. Crawls was very disappointed in me for my behavior on the field trip. I got a F that day. I also got lots of disproving looks on the way home, but I didn't care. Nothing mattered anymore. I had saw who my classmates really were and I saw that something inside myself. They were monsters and I was no better. I felt like the world had been turned upside down and I was seeing it's true ugly form. I skipped school for a few days after that, but Tabitha was determined to wake me from my trance. She told me about an art contest our teacher wanted us to enter. She told me that it could get me a scholarship. She begged me to come to art with her. I didn't think much of this contest or college, but I went hesitantly.

Our teacher Mr. Pascal is a very flamboyant fellow. He's always talking about putting our feelings onto the canvas. He made sure to ensure us that he wanted to see some really emotional self-portraits. So I stared at the blank canvas wishing I had stayed hidden under the covers in my room, but my hand reached for the paint brush and I began to paint something.

This image was from my dreams. I've been having dreams like this for several days now. What was appearing on the canvas wasn't exact, but it was similar and I found myself adding little touches. Little things here and there.

I painted a portrait of myself back at the circus. I admit I missed the place despite it's shot-comings. Much like my dream I was standing amongst the tents at night with fog tickling my feet with not a soul around. I was also naked, so I took the liberty to dress myself in a white gown in this portrait. The white gown symbolized purity to me. I decided to have myself holding a lantern to further show purity and how I was desperately holding onto to the light despite the looming darkness. Then I turned the vibrant circus I once loved into a dark twisted place. I felt like this represented my feelings the most. The once beautiful world I knew was a place full of monsters and darkness now. I added a tent with my cage and painted blood on the walls of it. I felt like it meant that the monster in me had escaped or maybe I was the monster who escaped. I wasn't entirely sure myself. I don't remember a moon, but I added that too. I knew a moon had to be in this picture. A blood moon seem more fitting considering my relationship with the moon and my thoughts of blood now. Then I added the most important piece of the painting. The wolf. The beast represented the darkness inside me and what I truly was. My image stared at him with fear and he stared back at me baring his teeth. I finished up the portrait with it's image. I got chills looking at it all and I began to cry.

This portrait is my inner struggle with the beast inside me and the darkness around me. I hold onto the light, but my soul knows the truth.

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