Monday, May 18, 2015

Rebel Modeling: Princess Edition- The Finale! And the winner is.....

Rebel Mulan
I won!!!!! AHHHHH! *faints*

56 points
t89pj4.jpg Beech
Creativity: 9/10
Setting/Background: 9/10
Rebel Princess: 10/10
Total: 28/30

Wow…this is gorgeous Vid. You have really gone all out on this final assignment and I’m very pleased with the result. Your Mulan is gorgeous and has a serious amount of sass going on. I love the idea that she’s not so nice and has apparently killed everyone in her village rather than saved them. The scythe added to that more evil approach, but I will say it looks a little out of place – I was expecting a sword lol. The slit in the dress was nice, but there could have been a few shadows and a bit more crispness to add dimension to the look. Overall, though, excellent finale!

Creativity: 8/10
Setting/Background: 10/10
Rebel Princess: 10/10
Total: 28/30

Wow. Just.. Wow. To be nitpicky, I felt like the slit should have more defined all down her leg instead of fuzzy, maybe even having shown a little bit of the back of the inside to add dimension. Also, some of the edges in this picture are too choppy, but that just seems like maybe a graphics/oversharpening issue. But honestly, the hair, the tattoos, the sass she has - this is such a great picture. Great job Vid :)

So freaking happy and shocked! I almost trashed this photo and was in danger of losing a day worth of editing, but I got it done. Thank plumbobs! xD

The assignment was to go all out and have a rebel Mulan. I love that movie! One of my favorites. I had tons of ideas, but I had no idea how I was going pull it off in sims. It became more and more hard the more I thought about it, but I tried my best to capture what I wanted.

The whole idea of my photo I guess you can say is that Mulan is sorta of emperor/princess who wants to take over the town by torturing the villagers. In the movie she saved them, so I decided to go the opposite route.

I didn't want do a typical sword, so I went for scythe. I've been wanting to use these poses, so that's kind of why I went for it. lol

I build the setting myself. I wanted it to look like a marketplace. For some weird reason I didn't have the fruit stand set, so I had to buy it from the store to pull off the effect. -_-  I'm surprised it turned out so well.

The extras were thrown together, but carefully dressed as villagers. Made some soldiers too to better depict the the main idea.

Mulan's styling was easy as I was determined to use a kimono. I  did want the kimono to have split and be somewhat sexy, but I had to work with what I had. Then I wanted the hair to be flowing, so I decided to use stock hair again for this. She got kind of a shrillex cut or whatever they called it in back 2013. Then I gave her some tats to add to the rebel factor.

As for editing, I made the slit with a cut out leg having no idea what I was doing. I'm sure I'll do better next time since that was a first. Then the hair and the tats were edits of course. The moon and the petals also.

After editing I decided I didn't want the photo to be that tilted and I chose another angle to fix up, but corrupted that one when I saved it. That rarely ever happens. Even corrupted this one, but for some odd reason I had uploaded it to flickr the night before giving me a backup. Thank goodness I did that. I would of loss all my editing.

Hmm...that's about it.

The next assignment....oh yeah it's over! *throws confetti* Had loads of fun, but I'm relieved. Getting harder and harder for me to keep up now. I can't believe I had a nerve to join another one. :/ Well Alternative will be ending soon too, so I'll only have 2 left. That's not too bad.

P.S. With my recent wins being so close together I had to make a gif:
Everyone else does it. :P

But I really didn't expect to win this at all!!! It was such a struggle. O_o

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