Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rebel Modeling: Princess Edition- Assignment 9/ Semi-Finale Scores

Rebel Snow White

I still have no idea how I made it this far and I'm in the finale! :D

56.5 points
t89pj4.jpg Beech
Creativity: 10/10
Setting/Background: 10/10
Rebel Princess: 10/10
Total: 30/30
You know I don’t give out perfect scores often, but dang…this was brilliant. I love this look and your Snow looks like one bad as.s. motorcycle chick! I love that so much. She looks like she’s a leader of a gang of awesome “dwarves” nice job!

Creativity: 8/10
Setting/Background: 10/10
Rebel Princess: 8.5/10
Total: 26.5/30
Vid, your attention to detail never ceases to amaze me. The incorporation of all 7 dwarves and their rocker-esque counterparts, the apple tattoo on her, the "fairest of them all," the 7 graffiti'd onto the garage door, the back of the jacker????- ugh. I love it all. I was a little let down with your actual Snow White though, I would have liked to maybe see her riding the motorcycles/hanging on it, more in general being more bada$$ because I felt like the just seemed very... Plain Jane just sitting there. A little more plum in her posing would have gone a very long way in this picture.
Also another little tip for when you do a more grungy picture like this is to use less lighting, but to set it onto orange/flame. That will tone down the like, crystal clear effect and give it a little rougher vibe that better suits the style of picture. Amazing job overall though Vid!

I thought this might be the one to get me eliminated. I'm stunned I'm in the finale. I thought I would be gone by now.

Well my idea for this assignment was to have the 7 dwarfs as a motorcycle gang and make Snow White their gang leader. I had this idea the whole time, but I wasn't sure how I was going do it. Then the due date came and I wasn't feeling well enough to do it. I almost dropped out. Thankfully Beech gave me a extra day and I was able to pull myself together enough. 

I did this photo 3 times and that's not counting the one time it froze. The first try was in a bar, but the dwarfs were too much of a distraction in that setting and I scrapped it. The 2nd try was a close up shot from the waist up and her styling wasn't rebellious at all really, so I scrapped that too. Then the 3rd time I changed up her hair and gave her an eyepatch. That helped a lot. I ended up going with that shot, because I couldn't make myself to do it again. lol It froze between the 2nd and 3rd time, so I was already not in the mood to go for a forth. Luckily, I was able to edit and make it presentable.

That editing included the tattoos, the jacket decal, Sneezy's tissue and the the spray paint. The tummy tat is my favorite. I wasn't entirely happy about the overall quality, but I did my best to fix it in editing.

Finding 7 poses that fit every dwarf personality was a pain. I wasn't going do that at first, but I thought it would be creative and once I got the idea I couldn't let it go. I at least got Sleepy, Dopey, the back of Bashful right. I couldn't find a sneezing pose, so Sneezy has the tissues around him and one in his nose. Much like me doing allergy season. lol I wish I had chose something more exciting for Snow though.

The setting is located in Bridgeport and I just build a simple alley with some clutter in it. Didn't turn out too bad.

The next assignment is Mulan!!! I love Mulan! One of my favorite Disney movies. I really really love Asian clothing and culture too, so this is going be fun. Going be very challenging also. I'm going take some risk for the finale. I'm hoping it all works out for me. I'm going be mad at myself if I mess this up!

P.S. Did I mention Jake/Evergreen is back? We're cool now, so no need to worry. I might of mentioned it before, but in case I didn't we buried the hatchet a long long long time ago. xD

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