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Senior High Cycle 3: The Underworld Campus - A7 Scores

Speaking of lady urges. lol

This turned out a lot racier and darker than I originally planned, but it paid off. :)
98 points
Creep Factor: 5/5
Story Creativity: 10/10
Story Cohesion: 9/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 10/10
Overall Image Appeal: 10/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 5/5
Total: 49/50
Wow…look at Luna! She’s surely changed and I think I like it! I loved the primal factors you brought out since that’s definitely something I’ve always connected with werewolves! I think that this is a definite contrast to the Luna we’ve grown to know and love. I’m interested to see how you manage both sides of her.

Creep Factor: 5/5
Story Creativity: 10/10
Story Cohesion: 9/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 10/10
Overall Image Appeal: 10/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 5/5
Total: 49/50
YES! I love the raw, primal Luna, however I also really loved the cute, naive Luna as well, but it is a nice change to see the wilder side! What a wonderful addition to your story!! And your picture went perfectly with what I imagined in my head as I’m reading! Fabulous job this round!

Well as soon we got the assignment I knew Grey had to be the love interest, but I wasn't thinking about the fact that the two of them were sort not on the best of terms. I was actually going do something silly and funny, which would of made zero sense. Luna saw Grey as a monster, so how the heck could I make her crush on him something silly or cute? So I decided it would be easier and less confusing to continue sending Luna towards the darkness! That meant coming up with a new idea though, which almost broke my brain. lol

After getting an extension and thinking about it a lot, I came up with the idea of her werewolf urges overcoming her and leading her to Grey. I was going have her on the floor acting all broken and confused about her feelings, but I was like f*** it. It's time for Luna to take charge and be a bit of badass for once.

I had this cool witchy rug thingy I've been wanting to use, so I decided to have them sneak off to the Spells & Portion 101 classroom. It was a class I had mentioned in a previous entry, so it just seemed easier to go with that rather than make up a completely new class for a setting. I also figured I could do some fun things with the decor.

I didn't want use extras at first, but to better depict that this was a makeout spot I added them. Thought it would be fun to bring back Lenny and Bam from the 2nd assignment too. I build a closet for my makeout couple/extras. Then I had Lenny and Bam peeping in after being thrown out. I made sure to dress them and everyone in summer outfits since Beech made it a point to mention the heat and outfits getting skimpier. I think the mention of those things lead me to my idea actually.

I dressed Luna in a cute modest dress to symbolized how she was still struggling to be innocent and pure. I had a different hairstyle for Luna, but it looked dumb floating in place. I ended up giving her a bun and editing her hair into falling curls. I wish hair like that existed in sims.

As for editing, I didn't too much. The curls of course are stock hair from DeviantArt. Gave Grey some hair in the foam of bang too. Pumped up the colors a bit. Fixed Grey's stupid default expression and his sinking shoe. Fixed Luna's expression too a bit and her bow. Wrote the class name on the door. That's about it. The less editing I have to do the better.

Read the story for how this love affair turned out. It's a very sexy story. Well for me anyway.

The next assignment is to show Luna presenting a class presentation. I got an idea for the class and who may be involved, but I'm clueless as to what the project going be. I'm thinking about building the setting first and seeing if any ideas comes to me. Don't have long before it's due either, so wish me luck. I'm going need it. Me and due dates haven't been doing well. ;^_^

We were wrestling just as he said Dean. I swear. Well..ok I'll fest up. I don't consider the incident with Mr. Grey as "love at first sight", but something did happen between us. I don't know how, but I must admit there was sexual tension between us. Before he even spoke to me I was interested in him. Even after he yelled at me the first time on our field trip. I tried my best to ignore the dark feelings and fantasies that came from that fated night, but I couldn't shake the thoughts. The carnage and his face haunted my dreams.

When I came back to school after the art contest, I was still very much in a fragile state. He was one of the first people I saw when I walked the halls. I found it odd he was there in the first place. I remember blurting out quite loudly why he was here in the daytime and he answered me with a snide remark about it being a free country. I didn't stay to hear the rest. I ran from him in fear. What was I afraid of you ask? Me and him. His voice alone aroused me.

From that day forward I kept running into him and we would have very little to say to each other. Much of what we would say would be stuff not expectant of a blossoming romance or lovers. I let him know how disgusted I was of him. He was still a monster in my eyes, but he always replied back with a response that chilled me to the bone. "Then what does that make you?" or "You're no better!" he would quip back. The whole thing became like a game. He saw right through my soul and he was daring me.

Then the day came where things would become upside down and topsy turvy for us. It was a full moon day. I had never been effected by the moon during the daytime before, but I had awoke in a sweat and my body felt like it was on fire much like the last time I had turned. I almost wasn't sure if I was up to going to school, but I dragged myself there determined this beast wouldn't get the best of me. I was simply tired of moping. I even put on my best dress that day despite the on-going contest of who could have the skimpiest outfit that was happening amongst the girls in my school. I behaved for most of my classes too, but as the day grew on I began to get in a real foul mood. It got so bad that I talked back to my teachers and I even managed to hurt Tabitha.

"Are you ok?, she would say to me in between classes in the hallway. You've been acting weird all day."

"What does it matter to you? Mind your business and get back to your silly little spells." I snapped.

I remember the crushed look on her face and how she angrily stomped off. I wanted to call out for her, but I felt oddly indifferent. Then I heard a voice that stirred up another odd feeling. It was Grey.

"Well you're in a good mood...or maybe I should say a bad mood." he said wiping sweat from his face. "Is it hot or is it me?"

"Maybe it's both of us." I cooed back feeling weirdly flirtatious. "Let's go somewhere and cool off. I need to talk you." I whispered as my lips gently touched his earlobe. He looked shocked, but he followed me down the hall as the bell ringed for the next class.

I didn't know where I was going or what I was doing, but my body seemed to know as it moved swiftly towards the door of Spells & Portions 101. I knew the class would be empty for the rest of day. It was a well known fact if you wanted to skip or get up to some trouble, you could hide here late in the day. It was also a notorious make out spot. Grey also seemed to know this fact and he nervously smiled as I guided him by the hand into the room. I only slightly hesitated when we happened upon Lenny and Bam sitting on the floor kissing.

"Ewww. What the F? You two are so gross. Get out of here!" I heard Grey bellow from behind me. They immediately rose to their feet and they ran out slamming the door. I echoed his sentiment feeling strangely amused, "Yeah that was gross."

Grey then looked at me smirking. "We're not here to talk are we?"

"No," I said coldly. "Teach me to be like you."

I licked my lips at that moment and then I felt my claws on his chest. I ripped his shirt needlessly and pushed him to the floor. I straddled him and then I violently smashed my lips to his. He tensed up for a second, but he relaxed pulling me closer. When we stopped we were breathless.

"That was my first kiss," I said feeling disoriented.

"Really? I thought that might be your 100th from how good it felt. I like the new you, but I was weirdly attracted to the old you too. One reason why I take day classes now."

"Stop talking!" I growled grabbing his face again. He was being sort of cute. I gave him a quick sloppy kiss as I felt an urge to pull away. I sat up as he reached out for me and a primal sound escaped from my lips. A howl. It was loud and guttural. It shook the windows and I could hear some commotion from the closet behind us. I had no idea there was even anyone still in the room. Grey sat up looking worried, but I pushed him down breathing heavily in his face. I heard footsteps and the door flew open, but I was not ready to let go of this feeling of power and lust. Grey either as he didn't protest. I'm sure he could of pushed me off easily. As I began to lean down to lick his face, I felt someone hand on the back on my head. Gray who had closed his eyes, opened them in that instance and a look of shock graced his handsome face. The hand firmly grabbed onto my hair causing me pain and I looked up into the face of Mrs. RavenClaw, the spells and portion teacher. I had seen her before many times while waiting for Tabitha to depart her class. She had been quite friendly then, but it was a different story when I peered into her enraged face. She also had picked up my last name somewhere as she screamed it in my ear.

"Mrs. Wildling! Mr. Williams! What are you doing?! Have both of you lost your minds? This is school grounds for Christ sakes!

She had let go my of my hair to my relief. I got up and started to answer with a snarky remark, but Grey seemed to have read my mind as he jumped up to put his hand over my mouth. "She was helping me practice for wrestling tryouts. We weren't doing anything. Not anything you're thinking." He smiled while bumping me slightly with his elbow. I frowned, but nodded.

She didn't seem to buy into our story much. The couple who were in the closet making out had been caught too while trying to sneak out. We all got detention for week for just skipping class though, which was a relief. Unfortunately, the punishment was mild compared to the ridicule I got the next few days after that. One of the two caught with us was popular girl, Pixel. She had witness it all and made quick work of spreading the story to every corner of the school. The only good thing I got out of this was Grey. As for my new attitude, I can't say that it went away entirely with the full moon. I also can't say that I disliked it either. Maybe it's time for a change...

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