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Senior High Cycle 3: The Underworld Campus - A5 Scores

I wasn't expecting 1st. Feels good. :)

95 points
Creep Factor: 4/5
Story Creativity: 9/10
Story Cohesion: 8/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 10/10
Overall Image Appeal: 10/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 4/5
Total: 45/50
Holy plum! Poor Luna and what a whacked out class! I am sure the dean will have some words with Mrs. Crawls!! Anywho…I loved your photo – like seriously loved it. There’s so much going on and yet so correctly placed that it all meshes fluidly. I love it. Your story was fun as usual, but also a bit wordy. You went into a whole paragraph (or two) about late night classes and your funky schedule. We didn’t really need all that. I wanted to get down to the nitty gritty of what the photo showed. I am concerned what is going to happen with Mrs. Crawls and Luna (and the rest of the class) when they get back to the bus!

Creep Factor: 5/5
Story Creativity: 10/10
Story Cohesion: 10/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 10/10
Overall Image Appeal: 10/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 5/5
Total: 50/50
Oooohhh! And the plot thickens!! I just adore Luna and her personality. She is just so sweet. Hopefully she can stand strong and fight the urges she has started to feel. I love your picture, I think you did a perfect job complementing your story, all the elements are there while keeping Luna in the focus!

Ahhhh! I took a chance with this and it paid off! :D

The assignment was to show them on a field trip. After the last assignment, I thought I should get more creative with the class subject this time and do something more creepy. Something more darker. So I took the idea of her natural creepy werewolf instincts and decided to make a class around it. I didn't want the class name to be too obvious like hunting class, so I called it Human Studies. I wanted everything about this class to be mysterious and creepy! The teacher is a spider, the student are various vicious things and lessons are just totally twisted. With such a twisted class I thought could use the idea of observing and hunting humans as a friend trip idea.

The whole camp setting just came naturally with the idea of hunting. Clueless humans in the middle of a creepy forest with creepy creatures just sounds natural for a comp like this. lol  It was quite easy to build too. I had to go looking around for the logs/seats in the photo, but that's it. No campsite is complete with a log to sit on. xP

Posing them all was also easy. Well finding them anyway. Didn't have an difficult time finding what I wanted. I think the teacher's pose was the most annoying, but I went with something simple.

Editing was the hard part, because I wasn't sure about how a lot of it would work out. Editing the spider legs on was a pain, but I made it work. Had to since she would of been just a creepy purple thing without them. lol I gave her some extra eyes too. The tent was not planned, but I wanted to cheat a bit and add some more people through editing without driving myself nuts. Plus the tent just needed something. I don't know what made me think of the shadows.

Overall, I'm really happy with how it turned out. I could of been a little less wordy with my story, but I'll summarize it more next time.

B/w this was all a great set up for my story to go more dark. Luna needs to tap into her inner wolf!

The next assignment is show a self-portrait of our models and to show how our model sees themselves through their art. It's different from the usual assignments. Kind of a break from the story format. Very excited to do this. I love writing the story portions for my photos, but it's going be nice to take sorta a break from it with this one.

I've gotten over the embarrassment of last week gym class just fine. I did end up on Frightbook and all the underworld social media sites, but I don't really see it as a negative like Tabitha does. People are even treating me a lot nicer after that. I get lots of smiles now and even some giggles. I don't know what's so funny, but they seem happy to be around me for once. Tabitha keeps saying they're making front of me, but I don't see it that way. Even if they are, gym will always be my favorite, because it's the only class that gets me out of those stuffy classrooms. Well I can't say it's the only class, but I don't even really want to acknowledge that other class. I don't like it at all, but it's a class I need to graduate. It's a very strange class.

What's the class you say? It's called Human Studies. Even the name is strange. When I first saw it on my schedule I thought it was joke. I didn't understand the title and the time it's scheduled is even super odd. It's a night class. Yes, the class starts at 11:00 pm at night and ends 12am in the morning! It's nuts! I didn't even bother going the first few weeks, because I didn't believe such a class existed and certainly not at that time at night. I know they had some night classes for creatures like vampires, but I figured they were just for them and they were carbon copies of our day classes. I had no idea they had special night classes and I surely didn't expect to be assigned to any of them. I was hoping to get something more normal like Tabitha's Spells and Portions class.

Everyone gets special classes here. Like for example witches get Spells and Potions 101, Psychics get Tarot Reading Studies or Astral Projection, and then you got Misc. Powers for those who don't really fit into any category. I'm not sure about the rest. I'm pretty sure all of them are normal daytime classes though. It's just my luck I would get the weird night one. I know I'm a werewolf, but they could of at least took my sleeping habits into consideration! Anyway, they called me into the office a couple weeks ago as they had discovered I had been skipping Human Studies. That's when I found out it was a real class and it was a requirement.

I went the first few nights and I instantly hated it. The classroom looks like a crime scene. It smells, it's dreary, and it's dirty. I could of sworn I saw specks of blood on one of the desk I was sitting at. I'm glad the majority of the class is spent outside. Then we got the students who are equally weird and frightening. They're made up of scary things like vampires, succubus, demons, and all kinds of nightmarish things. Plus I'm one of the few girls in the class. They're only 2 others and I'm too scared to speak to them. They don't look very friendly, but none of them do. Then to top it off our teacher is a overgrown spider named Mrs.Crawls. She gives me the creeps! So when she announced we were going on a mandatory field trip, I cringed at the thought of being stuck on a bus with them all.

I was told the field trip would consist of things we do in class. Tracking, gathering, and hunting. We often did activities consisting of these things in our school garden, but our teacher wanted to test us out in the real world. So we started upon our trip at nightfall and we got to our destination pretty fast. So fast it made me wonder how far we had really went. When I got off the bus we were welcomed with the sight of a dark and creepy forest. I shivered thinking back to the last time I was in a forest and backed up just enough to bump into one of my fellow classmates.

Grey was his name and he's werewolf! I never thought I would meet another werewolf, so I was really shocked to see him in our in class one day. I've been eager to talk to him, but he ignored me and kept walking towards the forest. He always ignores me. Mrs. Crawls who is obsessed with me gave me a wink when that happened. She's always winking and smiling at us when she sees us together. It's very annoying. I decided in that moment that heading into the forest after Grey would be much better than hanging around her, so I followed after him.

As we walked I could see the moon peeking out at us and I could see Grey's slivery hair. I started to ask him if that's why they call him Grey, but Mrs. Crawls called out for our attention. She had caught up to us.

"Ok, do you guys smell them? We should be getting to their camp now. Stay quiet." she whispered.

She said we would be human watching, but I had no idea we would actually doing such a thing. When we reached the camp she spoke of and we crouched down as instructed behind some bushes. The campsite appeared to have 5 or 6 people there. 5 of them were visible from where we were watching and they appeared to be drinking.

"So how about we go yachting next month. My dad will be too busy working, "the blonde said while putting her arm around one of the guys.

"Yeah and I can bring my surfboard. Hopefully there's some killer waves and lots of ladies in bikinis." one of the guys said while chugging down his beer.

"I wish I could be like them," I thought to myself, but I then heard a voice on one side of me whisperer : "Rich spoiled brats!"

I thought it Grey for a moment, but it was a vampire by the name of Arthur. He looked like one of the vampires straight of the books I've read with his pale skin and clothes. Grey, who was on the other side of me then spoke and I couldn't help, but stare when he did. It was my first time hearing his voice.

"You got some nerve vamp boy. Aren't you a rich spoiled brat yourself?" he mumbled under his breath. He then looked at me. "Luna go ahead. You're first."

"You know my name?!" I said loudly causing everyone to give me dirty looks.

"Luna, shut the heck up and go over there!" he growled pushing me.

I had forgot I was to go first. Mrs. Crawls gave me the task of scaring the humans. Well that's what it seemed like anyway. I jumped out of the bushes bearing my fangs and made my best growling noise, but the humans only stared at me with perplexed expressions. I could hear giggling then from the bushes and I could feel my face growing red. Then Grey jumped out of the bushes and roared making me jump. The human then got the message and they began screaming. I laughed watching them as it seemed funny at the time, but then something bad happened. Something really bad.

My laughter stopped when I saw red. When I saw blood. Grey bit one of the men on the shoulder and dug his claws deep into his stomach. My eyes grew wide at the sight of him. Then I turned around to see more and more bloodshed. Humans laying on the ground bleeding. Humans screaming out in pain. My classmates were attacking them. I looked over at Mrs. Crawls in hopes she would stop this madness, but she seem to be standing amongst the carnage delighted.

"What's happening? What's going on?" I screamed in horror.

"This is your test, Luna. We track them, hunt them, then reap the spoils. Do what comes natural to your kind, honey. Rip him to shreds, " she said pointing to one human laying on the ground.

I didn't understand, but I stared at the human wondering if this was all a horrible dream. Then the human began speaking to me and I lost it.

"Please don't hurt me. You won't hurt me right? Please....Please don't kill me."

I looked at him and my eyes filled with tears. The thought of hurting him or even killing him was horrifying to me. I just couldn't bring myself to hurt him, so I ran and I kept running even after Mrs. Crawls called after me. I was too scared to go back. Those classmates. Those creatures frightened me, but they weren't the only ones who frightened me. I scared myself, because part of me was lying to myself. The thought of hurting or killing was wrong in my head, but something inside me wanted to "rip that human to shreds". Something inside me was hungry for his flesh and bones. If had stayed any longer I would of killed him and that was what truly scared me. I boarded the empty bus cowering and crying alone in the back of it. I couldn't bare the horrible thoughts.

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