Monday, May 25, 2015

Just saw the new Mad Max! WTF did I just watch?

OMG! I was just forced to watch 2 hours of crap! I would of rather stuck my head in between the movie seats and watch the f'ing floor! It was the most awful thing I've seen in a long time. I would of walked out if I had my own ride. I told my family this movie was going be a pile of steaming sh*t, but nooooooo it's memorial day Vid (replace with real name). Lighten up Vid! Come on! It should be good! It's Mad Max! It can't be that bad! Bwhahahahahaha! I told them so!!!!!!!! They hated it too! I knew I should of stayed home with my dog and played video games all day. I f'ing hated that movie! I was literally waiting for it to be over and I even try taking a nap on it.

And why the fuck was it called Mad Max? Charlize Theron was the lead and Max was a grumbling moron who barely spoke. I know people want more strong female characters in movies, but don't f'ing shoehorn us every stupid ass movie or try to change iconic roles around to suit us. It was called Mad Max for a reason!!!!! If anything people should be worried about diversity in movies, which Fury Road lacked.

I'm just so disgusted right now, because every freaking reviewer here called it a masterpiece! Have we become that stupid that a bunch of explosions and barely any story makes for a good movie? The movie was literally 2 hours of sand, dirty people fighting, dirty people who look like rejects from MCR's Black Parade video, more dirty/dusty people, and lots of explosions wrapped up in a big car race that went around in a circle. Rotten Tomato, Metacritic, and all the big time reviewers should be ashamed of themselves for f'ing lying. If they're not, they have no f'ind clue what a good movie is anymore.

Judge for yourself, but the movie sucked ballz!

As for anything else, they're remaking National Lampoon Vacation. My God will they stop the madness!!!!! Stop ruining classics!!!!!

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  1. 100% agree with this post..honestly the worst movie I have EVER seen in theatres...I literally was happy when the it ended. AND FUCK THAT ANNOYING GUITAR GUY...


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