Sunday, March 25, 2012

Yeah another I'm still here post.

I haven't had a lot to say really. I haven't been in a chatty mood either and it seems really quiet since Showtime has came out. I'm actually finding myself a bit anti-social with Showtime and RL stuff. Rather play than chat. Then it's times like today I don't feel like involving myself with Sims at all. I did try making a sim yesterday, but it looks nothing like the person I was trying to achieve. That was particularly frustrating. Still working on it. :/ I think I just need a small break or some time away from the computer at times. It is getting warmer here. So yeah I'm still here, but not here. Does that make sense? I feel like crap for not updating or chatting. I'm hoping with this post some funny stuff happens and I get some enthusiasm to stick around some more. Right now my feelings are...
P.S. I will share if something exciting happens in my game or on the forums, but I'm not going post just to post. I want my next post to be something good. lol Oh and blogger pic uploading is working for me again. Wooo! :)

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  1. i know how you feel Vid =d people post way too much about showtime, and i just cleared out my friends list the other day, maybe i need to clear it out even more, i haven't felt the need to chat either =d (maybe cause i have been busy with other things, i don't know


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