Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My game doesn't like the park very much...

I was having an awesome party in the park.
Had 8 guest and all of them came. Everyone was dancing and it seemed like it would be amazing party.
But then...the dreaded black screen.

Agh! Part of me wanted to cry, because it was such a beautiful setting and party. I tried again and it froze. I'm not blaming any mods yet as my game was running great till I got to the park. Maybe too many sims and things together on screen at the same time? Meh, guess I go look for another venue. Hidden Spring doesn't have a beach or any great outside party spots. Ugh! I want this one! Sooo yeah...not happy. Guess I go look for a genie again in my other save file. -_-

P.S. My pc fans are really loud right now. Maybe it's overheating. Didn't get to clean it good as the can of air stuff was kinda broken. Will try that and see if it works. :/

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