Friday, March 9, 2012

No Showtime pics here...yet. Just a pic spam...

Liam's I mean daughter.

Waiting for the son to turn into a toddler. :)
More vaccinations. It's gives me a excuse to travel around town and sight see. Outside HP's police station.
I changed his hair again. I totally forgot that I downloaded that hair.
And underwear man is back!!! He's still rocking his undies, mix match shoes, and school top. I laugh everytime I see him. He was with my sim Elizabeth, but they broke up.
Wooo my sim is finally out of scrubs!
Bachelor party!
Oh yeah! He's sexy and he knows it! Whoooo! Take it off!
Who knew Liam had such style! I honestly didn't recognize him at first.
Um... yeah Nick showed up in that....0_0
As fun as my bechelor party looked, it failed misrably. I have no clue why since I had food, music, and drinks. Someone did keep changing the station to classical music. Did kinda make it lame. lol

Hopefully the next pic spam will be Showtime stuff. I caved and got it today. *sigh* I really do have an addiction. -_-

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