Monday, March 12, 2012

The Walking Dead ramblings- Thoughts before the Season Finale!

Ok this will contain major spoilers if you haven't been keeping up. A lot has happened since last talked about it.

I'm going address only the major happenings since my last post. The 2 major death of so far, Randall and the drama.

Ok, first off Randall (however you spell his name) should of been dead from the get go! Rick and co. should of shot him in the head and put him out of his misery when they first saw him impaled on that gate. Yes it was nice of them to save him, but he ended up dead anyway and caused the group to be further broken. Rick needs to grow pair and realize the world isn't the same anymore! You can't save everyone and you definitely can't trust people who were just shooting at you! Shooting him in the head while he was on the gate would of been the kind thing to do. Been better than dragging him around and torturing him! After all the crap they put him through, it was no way he would join the group anyway. He was better off dead either way! Rick should of just had Shane shoot him while no one was looking and said nothing more on the manner.

Now the death of Dale was shocking! I did not expect that one! He seem to be one of those characters they keep around to give morale speeches all the time. Definitely thought he would be around for more seasons. I did found him to be slightly whinny and too damn nosy for his own good though. Towards the end of that episode I was laughing and joking that it would be funny if he got killed. Sure enough a zombie tore into him. I was "Oh ****! Hahaha! Old nosy Dale is gone!" Still I would of like to see Lori in his place. Oh well. Wasn't terribly sad about his death.

By the way, can someone please tell Lori and Rick to supervise their son! He roams around too much! He's a little boy, but FFS keep a eye on him! He's starting to reminds me of his mother and that's not a good thing.

Then Shane died....... *sigh* Not angry, but I am a little sad. I wished he stayed around a bit longer. I know he kinda zapped out towards the end and had to go, but part of me really was hoping he would chill out and stick around. He is the perfect counter-character to Rick if that makes sense. He brings the drama and he was one of the most interesting characters on the show. Rick needs him in my opinion. A hero needs anti-hero or villain type character. He needs someone with conflicting views, but will have his back as well. Going be hard filling that slot with a new character. Shane wanting Lori and wanting to be the leader was what killed him. If he had only shut up or left the group for a little awhile, he might could of mended ways with Rick. Rick did save his life, which I loved! I do still hate Lori with a passion and I blame her partly for it finally coming to this! She is the reason why they even fought that time. Gawd, can a zombie tear her to pieces already! UGH!!!!!! I'm going miss Shane to death (haha untended pun)! I was so sad to see him turn into a zombie. Was all so tragic! I knew it was coming, but it's going be hard getting use to the fact he's gone.

By the way, the actor who played Shane was fantastic! He did such great job portraying him. In the comics, the character died way before that from what I heard. He brought a lot to that character. Also he was on one of the Late night shows and I remember him saying how excited he was to be on the Walking Dead. He seem so nice, so I was sad for the actor leaving as well. Poor guy. Hope his new cop show works out for him. :(

Now I think the show is going need to fill in some gaps with new characters and they will. Just hope they liven up things as Rick and the rest can be boring at times. The season finale looks epic, so I am excited to see it. I'm also wondering why Randall and Shane turned into zombies when they were dead already. Interesting little twist! Guess they be getting off the farm finally! Yay! Just hope they can keep me watching without Shane. Going to have to be really interesting characters coming to keep me around.

RIP Shane. You crazy badass you. lol
He was an ass at times, but he was interesting, blunt, and epic.  My favorite character. :( *sobs*

P.S. How the heck did Carl shoot him over Rick shoulder? Really good shot for a little boy huh? lol


  1. Yes Michonne is going to be awesome! A sword and who just keeps 2 walkers on leashes like dogs?! Although their jaws and arms are cut off so they don't attack her. I heard that this season finale is going to be awesome with action!! Yay they are finally leaving that farm.  Definately watch this Sunday's episode!!!!! Have an awesome weekend :>)

  2. I like Shane at the beginning and in his saner moments, but he did get a bit nuts. >_> 

    Carl is so annoying though. He just pops up out of nowhere and wanders around. You would think they would keep a better eye on him after Sophia, but no he always shows up shows somewhere. Still trying to figure out how he got out there with Rick and Shane. He would totally shot Rick instead of Shane out in the field though. No one can shoot over someone shoulder without some type practice.

    And ooo we're getting a sword weilding female?! o_o  I may stick around then. She sounds awesome!

    Also no need to apologize for the long commentt. I wrote novel myself and thats the short version. lol :P

  3. I have to say that I am not sad to see Shane go he was a little to crazy for me but I only wish that Lori went with him. And who does not watch their kid when there are zombies ALL around. Sophia died because of one earlier in the season and there was a whole barn full of zombies that Otis found near the farm. And yet Carl still manages to sneak away again when he shot Shane zombified (which was a little unbelievable considering he didn't have any shooting practice). Someone needs to put a leash on that kid lol! I am just happy that we are going to be getting a female on the show that is a bada**. She carries a sword and keeps 2 walkers on leashes to keep the other walkers away yay! sorry for the long comment :>)


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