Thursday, March 1, 2012

I need to update more and I will...

I haven't played my game in days. One reason being that I had to use the dust blowing stuff, so it wouldn't freeze. Another being comps. One comp is almost over, so thats one thing less. Along with other stuff, I just haven't played. I might play finally tonight as it shouldn't freeze now.

Then I'm debating about going back to my story. It's been awhile and I feel bad for not updating it. Life and other things just made me totally forget about it. I did check the save file for it and everything was working. Got error 16, but it went away after saving again. Just been so long, I was wondering if it's too late. :/

Also I've been slacking on my other blogs. I'm thinking about deleting some of the inactive ones. I've thought about remodeling them also and making them active again. Not too sure.

Anyway, as much as everyone hates MyPages are the most active thing lately. I really hope they don't replace the good old forums though. It's much easier reading a thread, then trying to find a comment buried under patterns.

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