Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is the site down? Getting my favorite nerd on every page

Well what the title saids! Is it down for you? Totally lame if so. I need to do scores. I promise to have everything up today. So guys I'm not being a bad host. I really can't get to the site. :(

Guess I have to find something else to do. lol I might go in CAS and see what sims pop in my head. I've been thinking about making Adele for Showtime and the cast of Walking Dead. Thats if my computer and game play nice with each other today. >_>


  1. Yeah they should warn us ahead of time. Telling us yesterday would of been nice, but thats too much like right for them.

  2. I kept getting Liam earlier too but it's back now.  It was maintenance.  Looks like the message was last minute or at least last minute for those of us that only visit around the time they do maintenance.

  3. LOL Oh good. I thought I might of lost all my marbles. ;P Wonder what they're doing with the site this time. Adding more facebook buttons maybe. xD

    I tried it on my cell too, so I figure it was down.

  4. yeah, I'm getting the same, it's not you . your not crazy yet :)


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