Saturday, March 10, 2012

Showtime! The Pic Spam Part 1!

As I said before, I caved. *mumbles* And yes it's kinda fun.

After finally installing the game, I went straight into CAS and made a sim for Showtime. Name: Tempa Shawls. Hate naming sims sometimes. lol Stage name: Tempa the Temptress. She's an acrobat.

Had her move into a house in Starlight Shores. Originally wanted her to live off the land, but I decided that wasn't a great idea for my first time playing this ep and town. By the way, the pull up bar face is quite amusing.
Well I had her perform for tips. Don't get how mimes and acrobats go together, but ok.
 She was failing miserably as you can see. I have no clue where to get good tips in this town.
 Had to move her a couple times and she was still tip-less.
 So I went into a club.
 Thought this was cool...
 Poor guy fell off the thing.
Finally got a tip out of him though and a gig opportunity.
Ran off to the park and saw this guy. 
 Kinda cute, but I have other plans for my sim
 Plus he accidentally caught his head on fire. ROFL
 Then the next day I had her go to her gig and grab a quick meal off the grill, but I kinda cheated with her sleep bar,. Sshhh. :)
Then the gig came! I designed the stage, tweaked her outfit, and her makeup.
It was a success! I got a really good review! As for my future plans, I want to use to the magic set with her and get a magic lamp. That's all I'll say for now. I have an awesome plan in the works. :D

As for Showtime, it's entertaining so far. Still got a lot to explore. I'm not big fan of the town, but it might grow on me. Also the social media/my page features are ok. I was surprise how well it worked. Was kinda neat sharing some of my custom memories, but I won't be making a habit of sharing (on Sims 3 site) when I really get into it. As for Simporting, I haven't tried it yet. We need at least 2 people in a sim household and I had no plans of giving Tempa a roomate. Maybe next go around.


  1. Haha, I caved as well - downloading it as I type. I am excited about getting some new stuff, but I will avoid simporting and in game chatting like the plague. lol

  2. wow that looks pretty neat.  i love the flaming juggler. too bad you cant mix that with the mime... nothing quite like a flaming mime. but i digress... looks like a bit of fun, glad your enjoying it :)


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