Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My acrobat and the mean genie! *Pic Spam part 2*

Had my sim check out a simfest.

Love the audience and the guy singing in the background. lol
Been having fail performances lately.
 This didn't go great either, but it looks cool.
Fail again. lol
 Then I decided to look for my genie. I had originally planned for her to turn into a vampire and get pregnant by a genie, but that hybrid doesn't work well. Decided to go with just plain old genie babies instead.
 And I found a lamp! My first genie!!! :D
 Unfortunately my genie was female. No genies babies for me. >_>
 Well since my sim was disappointed by her new unwanted female genie free loader, I decided to get a wish out of her.
 Wished for fortune and got a boat load of cash! :D
 Well after getting my wish I decided to look again for a lamp.
 Didn't find one this time. :/
And after a good night of sleep, she summoned the genie and she started yelling at my sim.
 "Grrr...grant me a wish already and stfu!"
Wished for beauty. So far I haven't seen anything new from it.
 Well since she kept pissing my sim off, I decided to buy her a voodoo doll.
Had to swipe this pic from my memories on EA. Forgot to take an actual pic of it. Anyway, I gave her hot feet.
 Then they fought.
  She won. Take that genie chick!
I have one more wish left, so maybe I can get rid of her and find a male genie. *crosses fingers* She sure is mean. >_<

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