Friday, March 9, 2012

Well someone is getting canned! Magic ep leaked!!! *Pic Added*

If you're wondering why you're having trouble downloading the new patch, it's because EA pulled it! Why? Look below...

 EA finally screwed themselves over for once! Bwhahaha! Proof you say?
Pic taken from the 2nd site listed...
More proof:

My reaction:

Hahahaha! Someone is getting fired tonight! Major leak!!! I wish I had seen some of the skintones. Oh well. Thanks EA for failing yet again! This slightly makes up for not being able to play Showtime today, because you screwed up. Oh and my feelings on the new ep coming:

OMG werewolves and zombies!!!!!
I can finally have my vampire werewolf babies! And... and... Werewolves!!! And Walking Dead town anyone?! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Do I sound excited?


  1. nah not really that excited.. I want seasons sorry or at least holidays.. Though I love magic.. but I don't want a whole thing dedicated to that.. I'd prefer if EA will mix it with another thing instead of only werewolves.. ew-.- I hate them hahaahaha 'cause of twilight eww! But as I said before I don't hate magic.. But I do hate werewolves hahahah

  2. LOL I knew you would come back. You can't resist and this ep isn't definitely too hard to resist! After not having werewolves in pets, I thought we would never get them! So happy! Can't wait!  :)

  3. 0_0  WEREWOLVES!? great.. now i have ot patch and get back into the whole website.. thing.. i hope by the time this ep comes out, they have fixed the forced social crap from showtime, because i will NEVER be interested in any of that,... but i must have werewolves!!!

  4. I wish they had a clearer picture of the wings, but I saw you found it. I did see the skin. Meant to take a picture. Colors like bright pink and forest green. Basically copies of the cc skin from what I saw.

  5. =O!!! oh screw showtime this looks awesome! Zombies? YAY! XD so getting this when its ready/finished 

  6. Yaaaaaaay!!!! I can't wait for this EP, finally!! Did anyone post any pictures of the new skin yet? Or the wings? ^_^

  7. Haha I said the same thing, but then I remembered I had Showtime already. lol Guess it can keep me busy while I wait. It does sound awesome! Hopefully they don't mess it up.


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