Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Walking Dead season 2 finale was awesome!

My last Walking Dead post for awhile....
So much action and crap going on! Epic!
Spoliers alert if you haven't seen the finale!!!

*sniff sniff* I still miss Shane, but I'm getting over it. All the action in finale and finally seeing Rick starting to become the comic book Rick everyone goes on about really helped. Was a nice change of pace to go into the next season. I've been wanting to see Rick grow a pair since the beginning of the season! I do feel bad he had to kill his best friend to become a little more rougher around the edges. Really tragic, but with Shane being gone he's going have to start acting like a bad ass to keep the group safe and to keep the show interesting. I hope the transition into dark Rick is smooth and interesting.

As for the zombie envasion, it was epic!!!! Haha, so much action! I thought it might never end! I thought another main character might bite the dust too, but I guess Shane was the last big one to go for the season. Oh well. I thought the group leaving Andrea was kinda sucky, but I guess they had no choice. I kinda felt sorry for her. Poor thing. LOL Well she has a new character to protect her now. ;)

Speaking of the new character, I was rather split on her introduction into the series. She seems awesome, but I just hope they keep the show realistic in a sense and don't copy off the comics too much. I don't know it just seemed a bit over the top with the zombies on the chains and the mysterious hood. I'm worried she will come off too cartoonish and bad ass. Have you even seen a movie, where you're rolling your eyes at the lead because they seem too tough and invincible? That's how I felt when she showed up. I was excited, but then I had the sudden dread they might go overboard with her. She looks cool in the comic pictures, but I'm not sure how well she will translate on the actual show. We'll see. I'm excited and hopeful they do her character justice.

Sooooo now the group is off the farm and going towards a prision?! Yes!!!! This is way better than the farm! I hope along with the new female character, they add a new male one too. I think I'm excited about the prison and Rick becoming darker character more than anything though!

Oh and Lori is such a idiot! Why is she mad at Rick for killing Shane? She started the whole crap between them! Then she made it even worse when she was talking to Rick in the tent about it! She is so freaking annoying and she needs to keep a eye on her child! Such a dummy! Ugh! We can only wish she is attacked and killed next season! Maybe Rick will finally get tired of her drama and BS now.

Can't wait for the next season! Seriously, they need to show it now! I don't wanted wait. lol >_<


  1. Me too! *sobs* I'm still sad about it. I read interview with the guy who plays Shane today and it made it even worse. I wish they had just let him split off from the group and then brought him back later down the road. I'm going still watch the show, but I'm going have a hard time adjusting. :(

  2. I'm going to miss Shane :(


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